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Exploring Transmasculine Perspectives

Keep it hot, healthy & smart with this series of articles for transmasculine people, trans guys and people who have sex with trans guys.

Get answers to your questions about fertility, front hole health, PrEP and other sexual health topics with accurate, up-to-date information from clinical health care providers. And dig deep into thought-provoking topics related to intersectionality, creating safe spaces for trans people to hook up, and raising the visibility of the transmasculine experience from community leaders and activists.

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PrEP for Trans Guys

See Billy’s quickie about being trans and on PrEP. Video produced by Thorne Harbour Health (formerly the Victorian AIDS Council) based in Melbourne, Australia.

Services for Trans Guys

Hormone Level Checks

For people taking gender-affirming hormones, we’ll check the level of hormones in your body to guide dosing changes and ensure safety.

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Sexual Health Screens

STI testing and treatment, HIV testing and linkage to care, anal health services, and more.

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Trans guys can take PrEP to prevent HIV infection. We offer free services & culturally-appropriate care.

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