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Since the early days of the HIV epidemic, AIDS activists have mobilized to fight for funding, equality and our lives. We’re applying that legacy to the modern-day context by bringing community activists together to advocate for critical policies that affect us all. Make your voice heard and join us today.

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End the Epidemics

California has the tools to end the HIV, STI and hepatitis C epidemics, but we lack a comprehensive statewide plan outlining a path forward. Inequitable funding widens disparities and current plans lack coordination, input and buy-in from key state departments. Although some municipalities are making headway, other parts of our state are being left behind, and California lags other states addressing HIV, HCV and STIs in all counties.

We need a statewide plan to end the HIV, hep C and STI epidemics. We need your support to reach elected officials.

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Overdose Prevention Programs Save Lives

In the midst of an unprecedented opioid epidemic, we can’t wait to take bold action to save lives. It’s time for San Francisco to move forward with an evidence-based and compassionate response to the overdose epidemic.

Urge San Francisco to move forward with these life-saving public health interventions.

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