Since the beginning of the HIV epidemic in San Francisco, Latinx* community members have come together to support those of us living with and affected by HIV with information, community, food and love. Our programs and services continue that tradition for Latinx people off all immigration status, income level or cultural background.

We provide education and information and help address key issues affecting our community’s health through group- and individual-based services for people living or affected by HIV. In addition, we provide sexual health, hepatitis C, substance use, harm reduction and social support services.

Our goal is to provide advocacy and share a safe space for Latinx communities to elevate and improve health.

*Latinx is a non-gendered term used instead of Latina or Latino. The intent of the term Latinx is to further inclusion. The concept is still under discussion.


Percent of new HIV diagnoses in the U.S. occurring among Latinx people (2017 statistic)


Percent of Latinx people diagnosed with HIV who were men


Percent of HIV infections among Latino men attributed to male-male sexual contact

Programa Latino

Education, support, meals and community for Latinx community members.

The Stonewall Project

Counseling for gay, bisexual, queer & trans men interested in changing their relationship to drugs & alcohol.


Sexual health care, testing, anal health services, PrEP and other health and wellness services.

“It’s like we are family. My way to say it is that we are open to everybody. It’s not only for Americans or just for us. It’s for everybody.”
Programa Latino client
We offer free, confidential testing for HIV, sexually-transmitted infections and hepatitis C. Know your status.

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