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Established in 1996, Black Brothers Esteem supports and empowers African American men living with HIV or those at risk of transmission through community events and social support.

Black Brothers Esteem (BBE) is a psychosocial support program for African American men who have sex with men, and gay or bisexual, gender variant, and same-gender loving men who are at risk for HIV transmission.

We support each other around issues related to HIV, hepatitis C, racism, substance use, poverty, homophobia, violence and unstable housing. We work to decrease the social isolation associated with living with HIV and hepatitis C, and our group is open to people of any HIV or hepatitis C status.

Facilitated by our expert staff, BBE designs activities and events to provide a place for African American men to gather and gain support from each other. The goal is to provide education, life skills and enhanced social connections to reduce sexual risk-taking and manage substance use.

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A lot of people have come in and moved on to much better places than when they first showed up. That is the satisfaction of me being a part of BBE is to see that there is a way to be who you are and to be the best that you are, without being worried of the stigma.
Martial York BBE member

Program Groups

Something New

Monthly, we get outside or out in the community to do something fun as a group. If you’re interested in meeting a great group of guys through BBE, join us for a Something New event. Oftentimes, we host events in collaboration with TransLife participants, ensuring that we have a big group of folks ready to socialize and make new friends.

All of our Something New events are free to you. We’ll cover the cost of admission or tickets. Previously, we’ve gone bowling, seen movies, attended comedy shows and visited Madame Tussauds wax museum.

Brothers Who Read

Join us every Wednesday for a Book Club group created as a community where men can discuss their love of books. All are welcomed and encouraged to join.

BBE Movie & Game Night

Join us for Game Night where we come together to play board games, watch movies, play cards and the aim is not just to win but to have fun. Relax and chat with other BBE members at this monthly event. Our Game Night is fun and friendly for casual board gamers, but also a great place to play the heavy cardboard. We’ll teach you new games, or you can bring your own and teach us.

BBE Ask the Experts

Join us once a month as we host clinicians, educators, community members, activists and other experts to present and facilitate a discussion about their work. We learn about HIV and sexually-transmitted infections (STIs), nutrition, mental health, harm reduction and more.

Ask the Experts offers you the opportunity to ask questions that are answered directly by professionals who specialize in a specific area on topics that influence your life. Our experts may also ask you some questions, to help better understand your concerns and get you the answers you need.

Phoenix Rising

Group support is at the foundation of our model for emotional health and wellness and Black Brothers Esteem (BBE) has pioneered support groups that respond to a range of physical and mental health and substance abuse concerns.

The Weekly Drop-In Support Group for African American men who have sex with men, and gay or bisexual, gender variant, and same-gender loving men is a place to build community with other members, reduce isolation, share concerns, and discover new perspectives.

Join us to share your thoughts, make new friends and find your community. It’s even better when you’re sharing in it with those who know you best.

Upcoming BBE Events

Black Health Staff

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HIV & STI Testing | Hepatitis C Testing

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