Support Groups

Friends, loved ones and other forms of social support in your life can not only improve your quality of life, they can help you through the tough times you might encounter. We have a variety of social support groups and events to help you meet new people, establish friendships and find a community of belonging.

Harm Reduction Support Groups

We offer a number of groups you can just drop-in at for people who inject drugs. You can find snacks, coffee and conversation. No judgement, only caring support. See what groups we have and what times are open for drop in.

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Hepatitis C Wellness Program

We offer a treatment and support group for people enrolled our Hepatitis C Wellness Program. This community-based HCV group provides a time for people to take medication and offers space for people to check in with each other, share their experiences and give and get support. Enroll in the Hepatitis C Wellness Program to join.


Substance Use Counseling

No-judgement counseling and treatment for people interested in changing their relationship to drugs and alcohol

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