People Who Inject Drugs

Everyone deserves access to the tools, information and support they need if they are looking to reduce the harms associated with drugs and alcohol, without question and without judgement. We provide access to safer injection equipment and disposal supplies, Narcan (naloxone) and overdose prevention education, wound care, hepatitis C testing and treatment, walk-in substance use support, opioid replacement therapy with Suboxone, and more.

Injection drug use is associated with the transmission of HIV, hepatitis C and other blood-borne illnesses, abscesses and other skin infections, and may put people who inject at risk for overdose and death. Our services are intended to help you reduce those risks, with no judgement.

Our Services

Our Programs

The Stonewall Project

Counseling for gay, bisexual, queer & trans men interested in changing their relationship to drugs & alcohol.

6th Street Center

The 6th Street Center is place of welcome and a pathway to improved health and healing. Located in the Tenderloin/SoMa neighborhood, the 6th Street Center provides health services and supplies that help people who inject drugs manage their health, prevent overdose, and stop HIV and hepatitis C transmission.


Mobile Syringe & Health Services

Find safer injection and disposal supplies and services that help you manage your health and prevent the spread of HIV and HCV at sites across San Francisco. We work with members of the Syringe Access Collaborative to ensure you’ve got what you need.


Hepatitis C Support Groups

We offer a treatment and support group for people enrolled our Hepatitis C Wellness Program. This community-based HCV group provides a time for people to take medication and offers space for people to check in with each other, share their experiences and give and get support. Enroll in the Hepatitis C Wellness Program to join.