Gay, Bi & Queer Men

Health has physical, emotional and social elements, so we’ve developed programs and services to help gay, bisexual and queer men manage all the aspects of health and build meaningful social connections. Expand your community, find free social events, and get practical support if you’re interested in changing your relationship to drugs and alcohol, finding HIV services, starting PrEP and more.

Services for Gay, Bisexual & Queer men

Our Programs


Sexual health care, testing, anal health services, PrEP and other health and wellness services.

The Stonewall Project

Counseling for gay, bisexual, queer & trans men interested in changing their relationship to drugs & alcohol.

Black Brothers Esteem

A program empowering gay, bisexual, and same-gender loving African American men who are at risk of HIV.

Programa Latino

Education, support, meals and community for Latinx community members.

Douchie Gets Real

It’s time to talk about the health & happiness of our butts. Douchie is here to take topics of butt health out of the closet, bringing you info, advice & community conversations about everything from fissures to fisting. Find the tools and tips you need to keep your butt looking fresh and feeling great.

Dive In

Talk to Someone About Your Substance Use


Support for gay, bisexual, queer men, all trans, non-binary individuals wanting to reduce meth or cocaine use.