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Meth & Speed

Crystal meth affects our brains, bodies & sex lives. Get the facts to reduce the harm it can cause in your life

People know crystal meth by many names: Speed, meth, tina, glass, crank and crystal are just a few. Whatever you call it, crystal meth is a stimulant, an “upper” that changes how your body functions and feels. Like other uppers, meth increases your heart rate, dilates your pupils, increases your stamina and makes you feel more alert. Your sense of hunger, thirst and need for sleep decrease.

The crystals of meth can be swallowed or smoked, or they can be crushed into a power that is then snorted. People also dissolve the crystals or powder to swallow, inject or booty bump.


If you inject meth, you can decrease the risk of HIV, hepatitis C and other infectious diseases by always using new, sterile needles and syringes when you inject. Check out for more information about how to inject more safely.

We offer sterile injection equipment so you can reduce your risk of infection.

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Booty bumping meth involves putting either a meth crystal or crystal dissolved in water up your butt, so the drug can be absorbed by the blood vessels in the rectum. There are many things you can do to prevent tearing the lining of your rectum, such as using lube when you insert the syringe (without a needle) and making sure all of your booty bumping equipment is thoroughly cleaned before use. Read more about better booty bumping.


Meth increases arousal and sexual stamina. That’s why many people use it for sex. If you use meth for sex, you may be more likely to have sex for longer periods of time, or more aggressively. To prevent injury and reduce the likelihood of HIV and STI transmission if you party and play, you can:

  • Use lots of lube
  • Use condoms if you can, especially if you have sex with people whose HIV status you don’t know or if you have sex with people who have a different HIV status than you
  • Consider taking PrEP to prevent HIV infection if you are HIV-negative
  • Get to and remain undetectable if you are living with HIV


The Positive Reinforcement Opportunity Project provides structure, community, counseling and financial incentives for people interested in reducing or quitting their use of crystal meth, cocaine or other stimulants. PROP is different from other treatment programs because it allows you to be you.

Find Out How is a place for information, support and resources for people who use meth. It’s full of additional tips on safer swallowing, snorting and smoking, written by people who use or have used meth. The website is graphic and frank in it’s information about sex and drug use.

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