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Contact us about PrEP, HIV linkage to care, Doxy PEP, TransCare services, testing & treatment, and more. If you have an urgent medical issue or emergency, please call 911.

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Interpreter services

If you are in need of interpreter services, please contact us at 415-487-3400.

En español

Para acceder a servicios relacionados con el VIH, salud sexual, servicios sociales, y más en español, llame al 415-632-9722.

HIV/STI Testing Services

If you need information about HIV/STI testing, please contact us at 415-581-1600.

PrEP Care Services

If you’ve got questions about PrEP, please call us at 415-437-3450.

HIV Support Services

Connect to HIV treatment, benefits, and more. Please call us at 415-437-3450.

PEP for HIV exposure

We offer PEP on a limited basis. Please call to confirm availability. Call us at 415-581-1600, option #3.

Gender Affirming Care

We provide free, trans-inclusive sexual health and gender-affirming hormone (GAH) services. Call 415-437-3456 for info or an appointment.

Talk to Someone About Substance Use

For questions about substance use, treatment services or schedules, please call us at 415-487-3100.

Youth Services

Age 24 or under. For more information call 415-437-3400.

Safer use supplies

If you’re looking for access to sterile syringes, works, or disposal equipment, please call 415-241-5100.

Request a Syringe Pick Up

See an improperly discarded syringe in SF? Call 415-818-7769, or text a photo and location to 415-810-1337.

Hepatitis C Treatment

Get information about hepatitis C treatment. Please call us at 415-350-2900.

Support groups

For more information about support groups please call 415-487-3100.

Drug Checking (SCOPE)

For questions, please call or text 415-770-9203, or leave a voicemail at 415-487-8043.

Online Patient Portal

To activate a new client login, please call 415-581-1600.

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