Overdose Prevention

Opioid overdoses are the leading cause of death in the United States. In collaboration with Harm Reduction Coalition’s D.O.P.E. Project, we offer overdose prevention, response training and supplies.

Fentanyl and its analogs continues to change the drug landscape in San Francisco. Our goal is to provide the latest information and training, in combination with Narcan (naloxone), to reduce preventable deaths due to overdose.

Overdose prevention and Narcan (naloxone)

Narcan is an emergency medication that can reverse an opiate overdose. We provide overdose prevention and response training with Narcan.

Narcan distribution and trainings and are held at the 6th Street Harm Reduction Center during open hours and at mobile sites, during street outreach and across SFAF programs.

We provide overdose prevention that includes tips on how to identify, avoid and respond to overdoses. We also explore safer drug use practices and safer injection techniques with participants.

During Narcan trainings, we hold space for people to talk about their experiences with overdose and provide referrals to address other needs that may include drug treatment, mental health care and medical care.

Who are overdose prevention/response training & supplies available for?

Our overdose prevention and response services are for people who use drugs, people who love drug users, and people who spend time with others who use drugs (including friends, family members and service providers).

Individual San Francisco residents who do not use drugs and are not around people who use drugs are encouraged to access overdose prevention and response services, including Narcan, from the Community Behavioral Health Services (CBHS) Pharmacy at 1380 Howard Street, San Francisco.

Fentanyl testing

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. Introduced first as a prescription medication, fentanyl has been detected in the drug supply in San Francisco and across the U.S. and has contributed to the increase of overdoses. In addition to being present in heroin, fentanyl has been found in ketamine and cocaine, too.

We offer fentanyl testing strips that help you know whether fentanyl is present. These easy-to-use strips only tell you whether fentanyl is present, not how much is present. For more info about testing powder cocaine & crack for fentanyl, check out this resource from The DOPE Project.


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6th Street Harm Reduction Center

The 6th Street Harm Reduction Center is place of welcome and a pathway to improved health and healing. Located in the Tenderloin/SoMa neighborhood, the Harm Reduction Center provides health services, specialized programming, and supplies that help people who inject drugs manage their health and prevent overdose and the transmission of HIV and hepatitis C.


Mobile Syringe & Health Services

Find safe injection and disposal supplies and services that help you manage your health and prevent overdose and the transmission of HIV and hepatitis C at sites across San Francisco.


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