Our Impact

We’re working to end the HIV epidemic in the city where it began, and eventually everywhere through education, advocacy and direct services for prevention and care. Here is a snapshot of ways our work impacts our communities.

Major decline in new HIV infections in San Francisco

Our work contributes substantially to the reduction of new infections across San Francisco. As the largest community-based HIV test site, we diagnose the greatest number of new HIV cases (alongside Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital) and distributed the highest volume of sterile syringes. We also provide high-quality substance use services, linkage to and retention in HIV care, and social support services.


Our impact and services provided annually:

  • Over 25,000 clients served
  • 9789 people received sexual health services
  • 2749 individuals receiving PrEP
  • 629 people living with HIV accessed housing subsidies or benefits
  • 52 people cured of hepatitis C
  • 91 percent of newly-diagnosed HIV-positive individuals were connected to HIV care

Appreciate the empathy and treating us like people, especially in moments of stress, anxiety, and panic.
Stonewall client

Our sexual health screening has community-wide impact

We identify more gonorrhea than any other community clinic. In 2016, we detected 19% of all identified gonorrhea cases across San Francisco. We’re also able to provide treatment onsite for STIs.

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Our Impact


Lives saved by overdose reversals last year


HIV tests provided last year


PrEP enrollments last year

More about our impact

HCV treatment successes

In the last year, we piloted and implemented a new model for hepatitis C (HCV) treatment, engaging participants in our Syringe Access Services with high-level support for HCV testing, insurance and benefits navigation, weekly support groups and onsite storage lockers for medication.

PrEP enrollment increases among people of color

Recognizing disparities in HIV transmission and PrEP uptake among people of color, we’ve been working to increase access to PrEP among communities most affected by HIV. From 2016-17 to 2017-18, we enrolled 32% more Black clients and 36% more Latino clients on PrEP, compared to 13% growth in the program overall.

Support for linkage to medical services

281 individuals received one-on-one support for connecting to medical care and other support services, whether they had a new diagnosis or had fallen out of HIV care.

Support for trans and non-binary individuals

TransLife provides support through weekly groups and other activities for more than 150 participants annually.

96% of Stonewall Project participants supported in reaching their goals

The Stonewall Project is a substance use and harm reduction program designed to support individuals to improve their health and wellbeing. Clients create goals that are specific to their lives, be it improvement in their sexual health, reduction or change in their use, or change in how their substance use impacts their lives. Last year, we helped nearly all of our clients reach their goals.

PROP successfully reduces stimulant use

Positive Reinforcement Opportunity Program (PROP) is a contingency management program that offers methamphetamine and cocaine users a chance to earn gift cards for non-reactive urine screens. A preliminary analysis shows that 63% of PROP participants had stopped their stimulant use by the end of the 12-week program.