Financial & Legal Documents

San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF) is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation which has been granted tax-exempt status under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). Our Federal EIN is 94-2927405 and our California corporation number is C1241510.

As a nonprofit on which millions of people rely every year, we are committed to transparency. It is vital to our mission. Below are a number of important documents prepared at the close of each year that outline our financial health, including our annual reports, state and federal tax filings and financial audits prepared by an independent third-party.

For a copy of our annual budget or any financial audits and performance evaluations performed by or for the City and County of San Francisco pursuant to a contract, please contact Douglas Black at

Fiscal Year Ending June 2023

Fiscal Year Ending June 2022

Fiscal Year Ending June 2021

Fiscal Year Ending June 2020

Fiscal Year Ending June 2019