Drugs, sex & mental health in 2024

A new year brings time for reflection, change, and renewed commitment to reaching our goals.

To welcome in the new year, we bring you the most popular articles on our site covering all things sex, drugs, and getting your mind in a good place. We hope these resources help you on your journey to a happy, successful, and healthy 2024. Happy new year!

On drugs & alcohol…

Am I drinking too much? Partying too hard? Two of our counselors with The Stonewall Project shared their thoughts on when the “right time” might be to talk to someone if you’re questioning your use of drugs or alcohol.

A program for people using meth gives hope. Find out how to get involved in our program that helps people stop or reduce their meth use, or reduce the harm that can come from using.

Relapse doesn’t mean “losing it all.” Hear from a community member about how to think about relapse as “part of the journey,” and how this helps take control of your own narrative.

Talking to a loved one about their meth use: Advice from a substance use counselor. Offer your support, set boundaries, educate yourself about the realities of meth use, and avoid demanding that they stop using.

Get substance use support from SFAF. We have programs, services, and resources for people who are interested in making a change, reducing their use, or reducing harm from drugs and alcohol.

Your sex life… [NSFW]

Top tips for more pleasurable bottoming. Find out more from one of Douchie’s most popular articles.

What makes sex good? We dug deep in the archives to bring you this oldie, but goodie, from community member Jake Sobo.

Anal douching safety tips. Get the right equipment, use the right solution, give yourself time before sex, and more useful tips from a pro.

Doxy PEP for STI prevention. One dose of the antibiotic doxycycline after sex can prevent sexually transmitted infections. Here’s how it works, and where to get it.

PrEP Facts. Get the answers to all your questions about this method of HIV prevention.

Take charge of your sexual health at SFAF. PrEP, HIV linkage to care, Doxy PEP, TransCare services, testing & treatment, and more.

Community support

“It gets better” for gay and Queer folks. But how? On finding meaningful friendships, and building beautiful communities where we find connection to something larger than ourselves. By Charles Orgbon III.

We are the experts in our own lives. All aspects of SFAF’s support and care services are underpinned by the idea that our clients and participants are deserving of the respect and autonomy to make health decisions that work best in their lives.

El Grupo de Apoyo Latino. Diversity, inclusion and equity are the foundations of Latino Programs at SFAF. El Grupo de Apoyo Latino de La Fundación del SIDA de San Francisco es un grupo social y educativo que ofrece un espacio abierto, seguro, y confidencial para apoyar a la comunidad Latina afectada por el VIH y SIDA. Es un grupo diverso, donde el respeto es la base para que todos los asistentes puedan expresar libremente sus experiencias, identidad, étnicidad, nacionalidad, sexualidad, y creencias religiosas.

Keeping hope alive as a long-term survivor. Three long-term survivors share their stories about their diagnoses, the early years of HIV, and the lives they’re leading as long-term survivors. By Hank Trout.

Resources for transgender, non-binary, and TGNIC+ people who use drugs. We may be facing hardship, but we are determined to come out stronger than ever.

Do Black Lives Matter in kink and leather communities? The kink community can lead to re-traumatization for Black lives, as the “rules of engagement” are oftentimes dictated by white influence and oppression. By Charles Orgbon III.

Advocate for meaningful change. Join our HIV Advocacy Network to be part of a community focused on fighting to end the HIV and AIDS epidemic, and improving the lives of people impacted by HIV.

Support groups at SFAF. We have a variety of social support groups and events to help you meet new people, establish friendships and find a community of belonging.

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