Substance Use Counseling

We provide non-shaming and sex-positive counseling and support for people interested in examining their relationship to drugs including crystal meth, cocaine, crack, GHB, ketamine, opiates and alcohol.

All substance use goals are supported and welcome. That means, whether you’re looking for safer use, managed use, reduced use, partial abstinence, or complete abstinence, there’s something for you. You do not need to be sober to access our services.

Services are confidential and free of charge.

Individual Substance Use Counseling (Virtual & In-Person)

Want to talk to a substance use counselor about how drugs and alcohol are working–or not working–in your life? If it’s time for a change, find out more about our substance use services.

Call 415-487-3100 for more info or to schedule a session.

Drop-in Group Counseling (Virtual & In-Person)

Drop in to substance use groups for people of color, book clubs, harm reduction counseling sessions, and other groups for people interested in changing their relationship to drugs and alcohol.

Enroll in Our Structured Program

Manage your substance use, cut down or work towards abstinence at your own pace by joining our structured substance use program. People who enroll in the structured program agree to meet with their counselor once a week for six to 18 months and attend two groups each week designed to support their substance use goals.

To enroll, visit us for a drop-in counseling session with a Stonewall counselor Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5pm. The counselor will give you the information you need to enroll in the program.

Stonewall Project

Our Counselors

Anthony Arauza

Health Educator I

Pronouns: He/him

Christoph Zepeda, LPCC

Counselor II

Pronouns: He/him

Ivana Staiti, ASW

Counselor I

Pronouns: They/them

Roy Tildwell

Coordinator, Contingency Management

Taylor Quentin

Health Educator I

Pronouns: He/they

Tomas Llorence

Health Educator I

Pronouns: He/him


The Stonewall Project

Counseling for gay, bisexual, queer & trans men interested in changing their relationship to drugs & alcohol.

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