Alcohol Use Support

We offer harm reduction alcohol use groups, support and resources to help you drink with fewer consequences, reduce your use or quit if you choose to. Heavy alcohol use is a driver for HIV infection in San Francisco – not to mention things like hangovers, blackouts and injuries. We can help you make healthier decisions.

All of our alcohol use services are based in harm reduction, which means there is no requirement to stop drinking or change your use. We will support you with the tools and resources you need to use alcohol in the ways that you choose.

I have had some drinking problems and this program allowed me to speak openly without judgement.
Cheers Queers participant

Cheers Queers

Take part in counseling sessions to talk about how you’re drinking, and you’ll be eligible to make up to $60 in Visa gift cards. Cheers Queers consists of three one-on-one counseling sessions that can help you make changes to your drinking or minimize the harm that can be caused by alcohol.

No judgement, and no requirement to change how you drink.

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Walk-In Substance Use Support

We provide non-shaming and sex-positive counseling and support for people interested in examining their relationship to drugs including crystal meth, cocaine, crack, GHB, ketamine, opioids and alcohol.

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