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January Updates from Syringe Access Services

Find our more about our community programs: Community Sweepers and THREADS (Trans Harm Reduction Education and Drug Use Services).

Community Programs Updates! 

By Seth Katz

Community Secondary Syringe Exchange

One of our community programs, out of the Harm Reduction Department, is CSSEP (Community Secondary Syringe Exchange Program). We have a cohort that is specifically geared towards the transgender/nonbinary and intersex community. Our trans-centric program goes by the name of THREADS (Trans Harm Reduction Education and Drug Use Services).

We compensate folks to do secondary exchange in their communities and attend weekly public health-themed trainings. Many of our trainers are from within our organization, but we also have individuals come from outside nonprofits and healthcare facilities to speak on important topics. We provide trainings on HIV, HCV, and STI risks; HIV advocacy; Narcan and overdose prevention; and mental health while working in such a complex field. The cohorts run for six months and our program participants receive a certification upon completion. It’s no secret that transgender/nonbinary individuals face specific barriers in terms of receiving services, including harm reduction services. Community-building and networking in groups such as THREADS minimize barriers and connects participants to their potential next steps. 

Our current six-month THREADS cohort is coming to an end this month and we are actively seeking out and interviewing new community exchangers. If you or anyone you know is interested in this position and would benefit from this program, please contact Seth Katz at 415-218-5066. 

 Community Sweepers 

Another community program is our Community Sweepers Program. This is a six-month program where participants meet twice a week to collect improperly discarded syringes around the SoMa/Tenderloin area and are compensated for their time. Program participants receive a certificate upon completion. Our current six-month cohort is coming to a close this month and we are excited to be seeking out and interviewing for a new cohort. If you or anyone you know is interested in this position and would benefit from this program, please contact Seth Katz at 415-218-5066.

Syringe Access Services Volunteer Orientation

By Ashley Zimmer and Jody Schaffer

We are excited to be inviting  a new group of SAS prospective volunteers to orientation on Saturday, January 29. We will be sending invitations to eligible folks this week so if you have not yet applied, please do so here as soon as possible. You may click here to apply.

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