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The ACA, Medicaid, and ADAP - A March Policy Update

Our policy team has been closely following the President, Congress, and our state representatives to see how laws and executive orders will impact our communities. Find out what has happened already and what to expect in the next few months.
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Connecting women (and everyone) to lifesaving care

Hear from syringe access services (SAS) director, Terry Morris, on how we serve the most vulnerable populations in the city.
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Shining a spotlight on our services for women

To commemorate this Women's History Month, hear from our CEO, Joe Hollendoner, as he highlights the work we are doing to promote the health of women in the community.
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San Francisco AIDS Foundation provides overdose prevention services—here’s how it helps

One of the things I’m struck by as a part of the Syringe Access Services team at San Francisco AIDS Foundation is how common it is for the people I serve to have saved somebody’s life. Or many times—multiple people’s lives.
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We commemorate Black History Month

Black History Month, the assault on equitable access to healthcare, and a commitment to fight for our community and pursue justice; check out this month's status update from our CEO Joe Hollendoner.
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