Nina Grossman

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Nina

After making a change in her drug use, Nina devoted her life to making sure that people who inject drugs have a voice—and a reliable way to access resources like sterile syringes. Read about her groundbreaking work with the San Francisco Police Department which made needle exchange an accepted way to combat new infections.
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Chip Supanich

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Chip

Chip doesn’t dwell on the hard times he’s faced—homelessness, IV drug use, and an AIDS diagnosis. Instead, his gratitude for what he’s been given in life motivates him to give back. See how he serves other long-term survivors, people who inject drugs, and people with disabilities in San Francisco.
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Founder Bares All: The Skinny on Santa Skivvies Run

Chris Hastings, owner of Lookout, answered our questions about the annual holiday tradition he started, new features of this year’s December 6 event, and how the funds raised will be used to stop HIV transmission.
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A Call for San Francisco to End HIV Transmission

What else can our city do to stop the spread of HIV? Dr. Robert Grant, MD, MPH shares why we must increase awareness and access to highly effective prevention tools like PrEP.
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Real Talk Recap: Can You Party Smart? Let’s Talk Booze

San Francisco community members gathered for a Real Talk forum on alcohol use on November 4. Find out what they think about why they drink, the gay bar scene, when alcohol use is a problem, and what to do about it.
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