Sister Mae Joy

maeJoy B. withU: A Sister of Perpetual Indulgence

Sister maeJoy B. withU shares how the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence combat stigma, spread happiness and serve their community with humor, compassion and oodles of style.
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Real Talk: Is Dating Dead? Finding Connection in the Age of Apps

Finding connection—whether that means dating, hooking up or starting a relationship—can be tricky. San Francisco community members shared their experiences at a recent event.
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A Former HIV Counselor Rediscovers Hope on AIDS/LifeCycle

A chance encounter during last year's AIDS/LifeCycle left Tanner Reive speechless. After giving up hope for the end of AIDS, this twist of fate changed everything.
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Syringes & Small Talk: Ins and Outs of Sixth Street Needle Exchange

People who inject drugs are vulnerable to skin abscesses and infectious diseases like HIV and hepatitis C. At our location on Sixth Street, they find what they need to keep themselves safe.
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Test Counseling at Magnet: Helping Guys Get Good Sexual Health Info

Zach Nicolaides volunteers his time at Magnet to help clients understand the STI and HIV tests they receive and how they can improve their sexual health.
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