Everett Holden

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Everett

Everett Holden’s work is all about making connections—between guys and their communities, their doctors, and their peers: “When people feel connected, they are more likely to make healthier decisions.” See how his work with Bridgemen is changing lives—and what he loves about his job.
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Peter Staley

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Peter

Peter Staley never meant to become an activist—but be glad he did. See how early AIDS activists like him drove scientists to develop life-saving HIV/AIDS drugs, streamlined clinical trials and drug approvals to get new treatments to the sick and dying, and changed the doctor-patient dynamic for good.
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Better HIV Prevention for All

How can we make the most of today’s HIV prevention tools and bring down stubborn infection rates across the country—especially among those at greatest risk? See how the just-released Atlanta Principles point the way forward.
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Pregnancy test

HIV prevention for moms-to-be

Poppy Hillsborough entered SF General with babies on her mind. See how PrEP and other new prevention tools are helping women like her start families with their HIV-positive partners.
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Eugenie Marek

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Eugenie

Fresh from nursing school in the early 1980s, Eugenie Marek didn’t expect her first job to be in the middle of San Francisco’s AIDS epidemic. Three decades later, see how she says AIDS changed medical care for good—and how it shaped the work she does today.
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Changing Lives