Mobile Testing RV

New Mobile Testing Unit Rolls Out in San Francisco

Look out for our new testing RV now bringing testing services to a neighborhood near you. See pics of the new van, and learn how it’ll be able to serve even more clients with an expanded menu of services.
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Tim Patriarca

A Q&A with Tim Patriarca

We can’t wait until the opening of the foundation’s new center for gay and bi men’s health and wellness this spring. Tim Patriarca, the executive director of the center, answers our questions about the types of services that will be located in the new space, and what clients can expect when they visit.
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Rick Andrews

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Rick

With empathy and understanding, Rick supports speed users who want to change or reduce their drug use. Read about how his unique expertise in holistic health, yoga, and self-care—in addition to harm reduction tactics—helps clients of the Positive Reinforcement Opportunity Project take better care of themselves.
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Nina Grossman

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Nina

After making a change in her drug use, Nina devoted her life to making sure that people who inject drugs have a voice—and a reliable way to access resources like sterile syringes. Read about her groundbreaking work with the San Francisco Police Department which made needle exchange an accepted way to combat new infections.
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Chip Supanich

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Chip

Chip doesn’t dwell on the hard times he’s faced—homelessness, IV drug use, and an AIDS diagnosis. Instead, his gratitude for what he’s been given in life motivates him to give back. See how he serves other long-term survivors, people who inject drugs, and people with disabilities in San Francisco.
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