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Douchie’s Guide to Butt Health

Take taboos out of the closet. Douchie’s got what you need to take care of your butt.

Your butt can be a source of pleasure, pain, anxiety and excitement. It’s part of your sexuality and your health. But when is the last time you had an open conversation about how your butt feels and works with a friend, lover, partner or hot hookup? How do you talk about your butt with your doctor or health care provider?

Douchie is here to take topics of butt health out of the closet. Douchie brings you info, advice & community conversations about everything from fissures to fisting. Find the tools and tips you need to keep your butt looking fresh and feeling great.

Take Care of Your Butt

Anal Fissure Treatment

Don’t suffer in silence if you’re experiencing sharp, stabbing pain when you bottom or poop. Get anal fissures checked out and treated at Magnet.

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Anal Wart Treatment

Get anal warts removed at Magnet if you are concerned about the way they look or if they cause discomfort.

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Rectal STI Testing & Treatment

If you’re having anal sex, there’s a chance you might get STIs in your butt. Get tested for rectal STIs every three months at Magnet.

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