PROP - Positive Reinforcement Opportunity Project

PROP logo - person standing at opening of tunnelThe Positive Reinforcement Opportunity Project (PROP) is a 12-week program that uses positive reinforcement to support gay/bisexual men, other men who have sex with men and trans women who choose to stop using Methamphetamines (“Speed,” “Crystal,” “Tina”) without the use of groups or meetings.

How does it work?

Participants agree to visit our PROP sites three times a week for 12 weeks for observed urine testing. The visits are designed to be short, so they should only take a few minutes after the initial.

Each time participants test negative for crystal meth, they are given verbal positive reinforcements and have the opportunity to earn a maximum of $330.00 in gift cards, and gift certificates of their choosing that can be requested once they have earned at least $20 in their accounts.

If participants do test positive for crystal meth while participating in PROP, they are encouraged to come back the next testing day and try again.

If you are active in a 12-step program, you are still eligible to participate in PROP.

The use of ecstasy, cocaine or certain cold and allergy medicines may cause the urine test used in PROP to react as positive for crystal use. To participate, you will be asked to refrain from using these substances during the 12 weeks.

Participants, PROP staff are expected to treat everyone in an honest and fair manner. Accordingly, a PROP participant who fails to abide to specific site rules and regulations may be immediately terminated from PROP.

Because PROP is a form of treatment that relies on self-motivation to change behavior, current participation in other treatment programs, (i.e. residential, outpatient and treatment based housing programs) prior to enrollment in PROP will exclude you from participation. However, if you seek treatment while enrolled in PROP you are eligible to continue.

Ready to enroll?

Come to our offices during PROP hours:
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays – 1pm-4pm

We're located at 1035 Market St, 4th floor, San Francisco, CA [map]

Want to talk?

Interested in participating, but have more questions? Call us at (415) 487-3115 or (415) 297-4723 also you can email Rick.

Are you a provider?

If you are a medical provider or agency representative and want more information on referring patients to PROP, or would like an in-service presentation on PROP services, please call us at (415) 487-3115 or (415) 297-4723 or you can email Rick.

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