Get Your Test Results

If you received clinical health services such as STI and HIV testing at one of our locations, you can get your test results using the secure Online Client Portal or on the Healow mobile app. If you already have the Healow app, use our unique practice code on the Healow app: AIJEAD.

If you have not activated your client portal account, please call us at 415-581-1600 to have it turned on.

The portal is not intended for use in emergencies. If you require urgent medical care, call 911.

Use the Online Client Portal

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What You Can Do Through the Portal

  • Request and create appointments for non-urgent issues
  • Request prescription refills
  • View medical records and lab results
  • Send messages to clinical staff

Get Your Results

Your test results will be available within seven days on the Online Client Portal and in the Healow App (iOS & Android). You will receive an email message when test results become available.

If you test negative/non-reactive on any test, you do not need to do anything.

If you test positive/reactive* on any test:

  • A clinician will call or email you with specific instructions. If we don’t reach you, please contact us as soon as possible to make a treatment plan. If you decide to seek treatment elsewhere, please let us know so that we can update your medical record.

Test results will NOT appear on the Client Portal:

  • If there are legal restrictions preventing test results from being published online. HIV antibody and confirmatory tests, hepatitis C viral load and some hepatitis B test results are not allowed to be published online.

Please note that a reactive (positive) syphilis test can mean more than one thing:

  • You may have an active infection that requires treatment, OR
  • You may have had a prior/old infection that does not require more treatment.

A clinician will review your labs to determine if you have an active infection that requires additional treatment. You always will be contacted if more treatment is required.

Download the Healow Mobile App

Another option to access your test results is to download the free Healow mobile app.