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Video: Trans Health Services

Looking for inclusive gender-affirming health care, including hormones, second opinions, or advice? San Francisco AIDS Foundation has a variety of health and support services for trans and non-binary individuals.

Trans Health Services Video

In this video, SFAF trans health clinicians explain the clinical services and support provided to trans and non-binary individuals. Find out more at sfaf.org/transhealth. 


Video transcript

Joaquin: Some people might not know that San Francisco AIDS Foundation, throughout our three sites including Magnet, offers health care for transgender men and women and gender non-binary folks. 

Se habla Español y se ofrece todo los servicios en Español. 

Janessa: We recognize that there are a lot of organizations in San Francisco that provide services to trans individuals, but with a non-traditional, community-led approach, we’re here to meet the needs of those who are struggling to find care or those who prefer an LGBTQ-plus focused environment.

Bunny: We now have clinicians who are skilled and trained in being able to offer gender-affirming care in a welcoming environment, and we have staff members that reflect the community.

We want to make you feel safe and comfortable when you access services here. Here are some of the gender-affirming care services that we offer. All of our services are free.

Jorge: We can work with you on developing a plan for gender-affirming therapy, and can prescribe and dispense hormones to support the full spectrum of gender identities. We will listen to you, and help you tailor your hormone therapy to meet your individual goals.

We offer gender-affirming hormone level testing, and can provide second opinions for individuals who receive gender-affirming care with other providers.

Marion: Beginning to take hormones can cause many changes in your life. We’re here to talk through the changes you’ll experience and support you through this transition.   

We’re also available to support your process of preparing for surgery, and address needs that arise when preparing for gender-affirming surgeries and procedures, including letters for surgery, required lab work, and more.

Bunny: At our clinical sites, you can access sexual health screenings including STI testing and treatment, and PrEP. PrEP is very effective medication you take to prevent HIV, and it is available for everyone including transmasculine individuals.

Joaquin: We offer social support to help navigate changes in your life. Some of our programs include TransLife, which meets every Wednesday, from 2 – 4 pm, and is a transgender support group.  Every Thursday, we offer QTPOC at Strut, and that is to create a more inclusive environment for Black, Indigenous, Brown, and Queer or Trans people of color in the Castro at Strut. 

We’re here to meet you where you’re at, and help you reach the goals that are right for you.