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Every June, the queer community comes together to celebrate our history, our diversity and our lives during Pride. With COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders canceling many of the traditional queer gatherings and events, many of us are wondering what Pride will look like this year.

We started a project in February to lift up the talent of Bay Area artists and share it with our community. When shelter-in-place was announced in San Francisco in March, we realized the importance of keeping Pride visible for every member of our queer community. And, what better way to showcase our diversity than to give artists a platform to share their messages?

More than 50 artists answered our call on social media for this paid opportunity to explore, and celebrate, what Pride means to them. From that group, we asked ten artists to provide concept sketches to show how they envision Pride. We originally planned to select three finalists but during this round of review, but then COVID-19 hit and we knew that it was important to support the time and commitment of all our finalists. In the end, eight artists completed final designs. This made for a stronger collection that we believe everyone can see themselves reflected in.

Read what our artists had to say about the meaning of Pride below, and check out the incredible Pride merch now available in our online store

Thank you to artists BEARPAD, Breena Nuñez, DesignNurd, Gaia WXYZ, Lawrence Lindell, Nicky Rodriguez, Seth Katz, and Simón Malvaez.

BEARPAD: Pride is about visibility, and celebrating love 

“At heart, pride is about visibility. After wading through all the sponsorship and fanfare it’s really about the individuals, celebrating whatever love means to them. With the rise of COVID 19, and the temporary loss of our queer spaces, it’s important to continue to support this community in all the ways we can. Hopefully soon we’ll all be able to get cozy again.”

Breena Nuñez: Pride is being with your adopted family 

“Pride means being with the family who has adopted you and want to celebrate all parts of you without having to compromise your self-worth. It also means going out and sharing moments of intimacy in the club, or a bookstore, out in a backyard carne asada, or with every embrace you exchange when you say hello or goodbye to your queerkin.”

DesignNurd Pride design

DesignNurd: Pride celebrates our differences & commonalities 

“Pride is about celebrating our differences and commonalities, every day.”

Gaia WXYZ Pride design

Gaia WXYZ: Pride is resiliency 

“I’m incredibly proud of the people out there organizing giant debaucherous Zoom parties (like Body Hack in NYC) so that we can have collective experiences in a safe manner. I am proud of the resiliency I am witnessing, as we all learn to survive under these circumstances.”

Lawrence Lindell Pride design

Lawrence Lindell: Pride is an honoring of those who lived out loud 

“Not Pride as in Ego, but Pride as in we exist. We exist. It’s a celebration of our existence. A reminder of those who have come and gone and those who are still here. An honoring of the ones who lived out loud, so I could do the same.”

Nicky Rodriguez Pride design

Nicky Rodriguez: Pride is to celebrate and be celebrated 

“Pride means to me a place to feel and be welcomed, to be comfortable and safe, and to celebrate and be celebrated. It’s a physical and mental space where we get to exist together in joy.”

Seth Katz Pride design

Seth Katz: Pride is a reminder of our triumphs, and what is left to persevere

“Pride is more than its yearly parade. Pride is the celebration and memorial of those who came and fought before us, as well as a reminder of our triumphs and what is left to persevere. Nothing can take that away from us.”

Simón Malvaez Pride design

Simón Malvaez: Pride comes alive when the community supports each other

“Pride is the celebration of self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and increased visibility for the spectrum that our community has. Pride is celebrated every day. Outside and inside our houses. And I believe the heart of pride comes alive when the community supports each other.”

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