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The Bottom’s Digest: A Healthy Path to Pleasurable Sex Without Starvation

Charles Orgbon III explores how influencers are creating more content aimed at enhancing the bottoming experience, starting with The Bottom's Digest.

Frustrated with the lack of sex positive education and seeing other bottoms starve themselves of nutritious meals within our vibrant LGBTQ+ community, Alex Hall decided to cook up a deliciously new narrative. As one proud power bottom, he experienced his “Eureka!” moment to solve this problem while simmering dinner in his New York apartment, a moment that would eventually whisk the bottoms all around the world into a new era.

Enter The Bottom’s Digest—an innovative platform that’s not just about serving looks, but also serving up a healthier, more enjoyable sex life without starvation!

Alex stirs up recipes with a twist, inspired by Tim Spector’s “Food for Life.” Guided by truisms such as we’re all unique creatures with our own unique guts, The Bottom’s Digest is all about helping you figure out what foods work best for your masterpiece, your body. It’s not about going on a diet, but instead, understanding what your body can digest before a night of fun. So, you can have your cake and eat it too, without skipping a beat in the boudoir.

Using The Bottom’s Digest various social media platforms (such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok), Alex, serves up a smorgasbord of tantalizing topics. Dishin’ out deliciously digestible recipes, he makes sure your diet supports both your taste buds and your tush. With his own brand of sex education, he’s turning the “bottoming school” into a dance floor, busting myths and demystifying fears. He spills the tea about his own experiences, sharing stories that are as juicy as a ripe peach.

Among his many teachings, one could summarize:

  • Strike a Balanced Diet Pose: Variety is the spice of life. Keep your meals as diverse as a drag queen’s wardrobe. It’s not only good for your health, but it also keeps your digestive runway smooth and ready for the spotlight.
  • Don’t Hate, Hydrate: Water is your best friend. It not only keeps you looking fresh and gorgeous, but it also helps your digestive system hit the high notes.
  • Let’s Fiber Up, Queens: Just like a solid beat keeps the dance routine in check, fiber keeps your digestive system moving to the right rhythm. It’s the backup dancer your gut needs.
  • Poo-tastrophies are never catastrophes: In his own words, Alex says, “Accidents are bound to happen; don’t go swimming if you don’t want to get wet! If you have the skills and tools to combat shame and to communicate, the fun can continue down so many different avenues.”

It’s these lessons and more that bottoms also crave. Beyond The Bottom’s Digest, there’s a refreshing wave of more content geared towards enhancing the bottoming experience. Influencers like Dr. Carlton on Instagram and resources like SFAF’s Douchie have emerged to join the conversation, further helping to normalize and educate about this aspect of sex.

It’s important to also acknowledge that the nutritional advice for bottoming is universal. It’s not a members-only club for gay men. Everyone’s invited to the party! It’s all about body comfort, consent, communication, and removing the shame from the game. So, whether you’re a straight man exploring the joys of prostate stimulation or a straight woman ready to venture into anal play, or just any human simply curious about your pleasure muscle hole, there’s a seat at the table reserved just for you.

But remember, not every queen is a bottom queen, and that’s perfectly fabulous! You might try every recipe, follow all the advice, and still find that bottoming doesn’t make your tassels twirl. The most important thing in the world of anus sex and self-love is to find what makes you feel good, safe, and satisfied. Just like in a fierce lip-sync battle, we each have our own rhythm, our own style. So, whether you’re a star bottom, a power top, or somewhere fabulous in between, the most important thing is that you’re living your truth and loving every minute of it.

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Charles Orgbon III

Charles Orgbon III (he/him) is an environmental sustainability consultant by day, and freelance writer by night. When it comes to writing, Charles has done a variety of creative projects, from personal essays to news journalism to even comics and songwriting. In 2020, for example, he released his first EP, "A Survivor's Reward." He loves writing about identity, culture, and sexuality.