DREAAM Project

When You’re Here, You’re Home

We have created a home-like environment where we allow individual self-expression while setting clear boundaries. We don’t berate anyone for their body image, their behavior, or level of education and experiences. We have guideline that help members respect themselves and each other while raising awareness and sensitivity so there is space for all body sizes and shapes, personal styles, substance use, educational levels, language capacities, emotional and mental health matters and more, feel supported.

When you come to DREAAM you will

See people cooking and eating at our weekly Youth Drop In Group called Thank God It’s DREAAM (TGID), and hear conversations about sex, dating, family, health, behavior, how we treat each other, income/benefits, housing, and pop-culture like, what is up with Beyoncé, music, and fashion.

Who is DREAAM for?

African American gay, bi (men), and trans men and women aged 18-30. People who want to improve aspects of their lives like stable employment, housing, and healthier social support. People who are looking for something different in their lives, and for community. People who want to be leaders and activists in their communities. People who want to get information to take back to their networks and communities. A diverse group of people welcoming others from all backgrounds, neighborhoods, and life experiences.

DREAAM Services Offered:

Thank God It’s DREAAM (TGID) 
Every Friday from 5-9p
We serve food, watch videos, play games, and chat. Members take turns cooking dinner for each other, and Check-In with Blue.

Case Management and Therapy
Takes place at our office at 1035 Market St 4th floor. , To make an appointment call Blue’s phone at 415-234-0761, or stop by TGID on Friday night for a brief chat and set a time that works best. We can help you find and maintain housing, employment (resume/cv help), assist with doctor visits, complete forms for medical care and benefits, relationship issues (platonic or romantic), and medication adherence. We are here to help people know who they, not just their HIV status, and we have a holistic approach to health-physical, emotional and spiritual. We want to help lessen stigma around HIV and STis, testing, treatment, and disclosure. We offer short-term case management, and weekly 50-minute talk therapy sessions. We hope to help our members set goals for themselves and help them acquire the tools they need to meet them.

Going Deep Discussion Group
We meet every other Wednesday, from 6-8pm, to discuss whatever is on your mind, dating, housing, racism, body image and sex, to name a few. Food is served.

Urban Vision Art Group
Meets the third Tuesday of each month from 6-8pm. A place to flex your creative muscles.

DREAAM Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with DREAAM for a rewarding experience and ot give back to you community! Volunteers are treated to field trips to Six Flags, white water rafting, camping, and shows. HIV Testing and Outreach We offer HIV testing Drop-In Group once a month.

We also offer HIV testing at two shifts per month. For testing times and locations go to twitter @ testmesf, or call Blue for RV location 415 234 0761. At the RV you can get free rapid HIV test and info about HIV and STIs, information about DREAAM Project, referrals to groups for social support and substance use, and free condoms and lube. This is a great place to find Blue and have a little sidewalk talk. We are there RAIN OR SHINE.

Who We Are

Mario Royal, DREAAM Program Coordinator
Mario supports your creative efforts with arts and craft projects and more at Drop-In Group, organizing volunteers, and he is a good shoulder to lean on when you need some extra support.

Blue, DREAAM Program Manager
Blue is open-minded, nonjudgmental, and can relate to folks from different communities, and meets people where they are in their lives. Blue will listen and be open to getting to know who you are, so you feel heard, understood, and accepted for the unique person you are. He is nonjudgmental about substance use, sexual abuse, interpersonal violence, racism, misogyny, sexual orientation, fetishes, and respects peoples’ choices. He is not here to tell you how you should live your life, he is here for you. Blue gives each person the best support he can, even if they don’t want to make changes, so they can be as happy and healthy as possible.