Video: No health without housing

Not knowing where you’ll sleep at night makes it nearly impossible to care for your health, say community members.
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Ask an advocate: How do I talk about Proposition C?

Show your support for ending homelessness by talking to voters about Proposition C, on the San Francisco ballot this November. Here are some quick tips.
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35 years ago, Fernando opened his living room to friends dying of AIDS

El Grupo de Apoyo Latino started as an early AIDS support group. Founded on Fernando’s kindness, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation program celebrates 35 years of service.
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Tracking syringe litter through a new app

Pounding the pavement 84 hours a week, the Syringe Pick Up Crew is using real-time data to drive efficiencies.
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Are you masc, queen?

Kevin Seaman (LOL McFiercen) breaks down his dating experience as a drag queen and tells us how he’s opening community dialogues about drag, sex and masculinity.
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