Are drugs and alcohol interfering with your life?

San Francisco AIDS Foundation staff explain how you don’t have to consider yourself an “addict” to come to the Stonewall Project.

Interview transcript:

Mike Discepola: Stonewall project is a family of programs dedicated to providing harm reduction based counseling, support, and treatment to gay, bi and trans men who have sex with men who have issues with drugs and alcohol.

You don’t have to consider yourself to be an addict or someone who is dependent upon substances to come to Stonewall. The only requirement to come to Stonewall is to believe that something about your substance use is not working for you. You may not be clear what that is, exactly, or how to fix it, but we’re here to help you figure that out.

Alex Locust: Some of the groups I provide services for are specifically for men of color in our community, helping to address the intersection of race, sexuality, and being in recovery.

Rich Lugo: People often come to me due to interpersonal conflicts, or sexual matters that often relate to alcohol or other substances.

Kyle Temple: We talk about what harm reduction is and how it differs as an approach to substance use treatment from more traditional abstinence-based programs. More than just explaining the theory, we work with people to develop practical strategies to implement harm reduction right away.

Melissa Holman: I don’t really feel like we have a stereotypical client – people use for all different reasons. The common denominator is that when they come here to Stonewall, something about their use isn’t working, and they want to examine that.

Mike Discepola: We encourage people to come and talk to us at any point around if they’re not feeling comfortable with their drug and alcohol use. Come and talk with us, and we’ll help you figure that out.


Find out how to access nonjudgmental substance use treatment and counseling from the Stonewall Project.

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