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San Francisco AIDS Foundation is nationally recognized for its public policy efforts, and its programs for prevention, diagnosis, care, and treatment.  Our staff work on the front lines of the fight against HIV/AIDS.  We want you to be a partner in our efforts.  That's why we're committed to keeping you informed.  Our foundation experts offer you the latest on research, treatment, and prevention, as well as important news and upcoming events. 

PrEP 2-1-1 offered at Magnet

For the first time in the U.S., PrEP 2-1-1 is being offered to PrEP clients at our sexual health clinic as an alternative to daily dosing.
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hormone check 250x150

Finding answers for trans hormone health

Checking hormone levels for trans people using gender affirming hormone therapy has opened doors to better gender affirming care.
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Meth, stigma and African American communities in San Francisco

Two harm reductionists discuss race, class, homophobia and other factors that influence Black men who have sex with men and who use speed.
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Curing hepatitis C for everyone

We cure people living with hepatitis C no matter what their life situation or circumstance.
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How high-calorie foods can be harm reduction for people who use drugs

A different kind of nutrition class shares how to choose foods that help your body recover after drug and alcohol use, with no added shame.
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Overdose prevention programs bill is back in Sacramento

It’s time to provide safe, evidence-based solutions to people who use drugs. Will the City and County of San Francisco pilot overdose prevention programs?
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California needs a plan to end HIV, hep C and STI epidemics

Urge Governor Newsom to outline a coordinated plan to end the HIV, hepatitis C and STI epidemics.
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QTPOC at Strut brings queer and trans people of color to PrEP services

QTPOC at Strut—by and for queer and trans people of all ages—welcomes people who have never accessed health and wellness services at Strut.
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Social isolation damages our communities. Here’s what we’re doing about it.

The programs and civic engagement opportunities at San Francisco AIDS Foundation are designed to address some of the social isolation challenges our communities face in San Francisco.
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Cheers, Queers! Start the New Year with an easy-to-keep alcohol resolution

Get tips on how to reduce the negative impact of alcohol on your life from two substance use counselors at San Francisco AIDS Foundation.
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Working in a broken system

Finding affordable housing in San Francisco is no easy task, but our HIV case managers track down every housing lead to help clients stabilize their lives.
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Rapid HIV care for everyone testing positive for HIV

Our new protocol ensures everyone diagnosed with HIV can start treatment immediately.
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Covered California and PrEP

Jasmin Alvarez and Felipe Flores tell us why getting health insurance through Covered California can help you afford PrEP.
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Ask an advocate: How do I talk about Proposition C?

Show your support for ending homelessness by talking to voters about Proposition C, on the San Francisco ballot this November. Here are some quick tips.
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Video: No health without housing

Not knowing where you’ll sleep at night makes it nearly impossible to care for your health, say community members.
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Tracking syringe litter through a new app

Pounding the pavement 84 hours a week, the Syringe Pick Up Crew is using real-time data to drive efficiencies.
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35 years ago, Fernando opened his living room to friends dying of AIDS

El Grupo de Apoyo Latino started as an early AIDS support group. Founded on Fernando’s kindness, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation program celebrates 35 years of service.
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Are you masc, queen?

Kevin Seaman (LOL McFiercen) breaks down his dating experience as a drag queen and tells us how he’s opening community dialogues about drag, sex and masculinity.
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Overdose prevention programs will benefit all of San Francisco

A recent panel discussion explored the benefits of sites where people who use drugs can do so under supervision and with sterile supplies.
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Ready or not: Undetectable = Undisputable

These men’s lives were changed when they learned they could not transmit HIV. When will the HIV-negative community embrace the science?
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Douchie's guide to butt health and happiness

Douchie McDoucherson brings butt health and happiness out of the closet so you can care for your butt in the way it deserves. Learn more about everything from fisting to fissures with this series on all things anal.
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Getting syringes off San Francisco streets

A new San Francisco AIDS Foundation team focuses specifically on cleaning up improperly discarded syringes.
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Ready for summer with 100,000 condoms

Summer has arrived and festivals and fairs have begun! It’s the season of outreach for our testing and community engagement teams who will connect with hundreds of thousands of people now through October.
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Linking people living with HIV to care after incarceration

Our HIV health navigation staff work miracles for people who are incarcerated to connect them to HIV information and care.
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Sparking conversations & shifting perceptions among and for the A&PI community

Program manager Vince Crisostomo was the first Pacific Islander to come out as publicly living with HIV and he’s never stopped advocating for AP&I communities around the world.
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Kay and Alfredo - 250x150-bright

With space for reflection, our Latinx community tackles cultural taboos, disparities & HIV stigma

A recent Positive Force seminar, held entirely in Spanish, addressed the unique concerns of people living with HIV from Latin America.
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Are drugs and alcohol interfering with your life?

San Francisco AIDS Foundation staff explain how you don’t have to consider yourself an “addict” to come to the Stonewall Project.
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The Stonewall Project: 20 years of innovation, support & harm reduction

For 20 years, the Stonewall Project has provided non-judgmental substance use counseling and treatment for our community.
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The Stonewall Project saved my life

Crystal meth was never part of Billy’s plan. When he finally decided to make adjustments, he found support and acceptance at the Stonewall Project.
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Thank you to our many volunteers

This month, we celebrate the many generous people who donate their time, talent and effort to San Francisco AIDS Foundation.
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Honoring the women we serve at San Francisco AIDS Foundation

We renew our commitment to serving women living with and at risk for HIV today and to supporting women who continue leading efforts to end this epidemic.
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Caring for people with HIV is my passion

In honor of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, we asked a few women at San Francisco AIDS Foundation to share why they’re passionate about serving women clients—and everyone—living with HIV.
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She fought for HIV-positive women in the early years of HIV

In the 1990s, Dawn Averitt recognized the immense need for women-specific HIV treatment information and advocacy, and decided to do something about it.
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Trans women need better HIV services, and they also need good jobs

A budget request would provide $2 million in funding to programs that provide training and job opportunities trans women in California—in addition to linking to HIV treatment and prevention services.
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Restoring dignity, confidence and hope: A focus on the fight for Black women

TransLife and Black Health Center of Excellence provide social and community support that help women connect to resources to manage their health.
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'Party People' bring men to PrEP

Tony Bradford and his team are bringing Black men to PrEP.
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Uncertainty & havoc: Federal budget showdown impacts HIV services

This year’s federal budget delays are impacting funding for Ryan White, HOPWA, substance use services, and more. Ernest Hopkins, director of legislative affairs, explains.
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What does ‘Undetectable’ mean? [video]

Jimmy Gale, manager of HIV positive services, explains U=U and what it means to be undetectable if you’re living with HIV.
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Health care innovation & ingenuity

2017 was a busy year for San Francisco AIDS Foundation health clinics. Here’s a recap of new services we introduced to meet the changing needs of our clients, from Pierre-Cedric Crouch, PhD, ANP-BC, recipient of the 2017 ANAC Excellence in HIV Prevention Award.
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Have questions about Covered California?

The PrEP team at Strut can help you if you have questions about signing up for health insurance coverage before January 31, 2018.
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Real Talk: What’s race got to do with it?

The most recent Real Talk event at Strut examined issues that permeate healthcare, community life, our experience on dating apps, and our everyday lives: racism, white supremacy and how to fight for racial justice.
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World AIDS Day 2017 large thumb

How do you #ShowUp4HIV?

For as long as HIV has existed, members of our community have fought to end the epidemic. On World AIDS Day in a year when progress hangs in the balance, we asked staff, community members, and leaders about their commitment to supporting our community, advocating for health equity, and standing up for our rights....
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Strut Large Thumb Dec 2017

Putting Data to Work

Quantitative and qualitative data show that expanding and co-locating services in the Castro had a positive impact on our community in the first year of operations.
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Hunger, HIV and Health: How food insecurity and HIV treatment are connected

As National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week approaches, Julie Lifshay, MPH, PhD, explains the link between food insecurity, HIV treatment and adherence—and why our health programs provide dinner and snacks at many events.
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Zoë Harris: Preventing overdose & empowering clients

Board member Zoë regularly volunteers with Syringe Access Services as a drug overdose prevention and education (DOPE) trainer.
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Living with HIV & need help with your rent? Sign up for PLUS Housing

The PLUS Housing program provides referral to rental assistance and housing for people living with HIV in San Francisco. Learn more including how to sign up.
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History, progress, and our obligation

CEO Joe Hollendoner commemorates our 35th anniversary with a commitment to the future.
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October 2017 policy watch

Get an update on the ACA repeal bill, California’s HIV criminalization laws, and more.
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We don’t say “addicts”

Our counselors work against the negative perceptions of drug use to bring our clients empathetic and evidence-based substance use counseling and care.
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"The Pursuit of Justice": Russell Roybal joins San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Russell Roybal joins San Francisco AIDS Foundation as Chief Advancement Officer.
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Latino Programs

El Grupo de Apoyo Latino

Diversity, inclusion and equity are the roots of our program supporting the Latinx community.
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Joe ALC Large Thumb

Riding to express my gratitude

Find out what inspired each mile of CEO Joe Hollendoner’s participation in this year’s AIDS/LifeCycle.
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HIV testing large thumb

Your HIV testing conundrum… solved!

Brittany Maksimovic, our manager of testing services, explains the ins and outs of HIV testing.
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HIV stigma large thumb

Ending HIV Stigma

AIDS/LifeCycle participants living with HIV are out, proud and visible to help end the stigma surrounding HIV.
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Lara Brooks Headshot Lg

Meet Lara Brooks

San Francisco AIDS Foundation vice president of programs tells us how they’re celebrating Pride this year.
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Hand in hand: Mental health and HIV

Supporting community mental health is a critical component of helping communities living with and at risk of HIV thrive. CEO Joe Hollendoner explains how our work promotes mental health in our community.
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Art therapy for people who use

A Stonewall Project drop-in group helps people navigate and express their complicated relationship with substances.
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How addressing mental health can reduce harm

The Stonewall Project helps clients disentangle mental health and substance use concerns.
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Policy watch: May 2017

As the American Health Care Act moves to the U.S. Senate, California looks to expand HIV funding and explores supervised injection services.
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Trans Joe 250

Our services for the trans community

“One day is not enough when it comes to protecting and caring for our transgender and gender non-binary community.”
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Ro Large Thumbnail

TransLife: Supporting and empowering our trans community

Our new director of community engagement, Ro Yoon, explains how we’re creating safe spaces for trans people.
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WHM Lg Thumb

Shining a spotlight on our services for women

To commemorate this Women's History Month, hear from our CEO, Joe Hollendoner, as he highlights the work we are doing to promote the health of women in the community.
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San Francisco AIDS Foundation provides overdose prevention services—here’s how it helps

One of the things I’m struck by as a part of the Syringe Access Services team at San Francisco AIDS Foundation is how common it is for the people I serve to have saved somebody’s life. Or many times—multiple people’s lives.
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Image of Joe at City Hall

We commemorate Black History Month

Black History Month, the assault on equitable access to healthcare, and a commitment to fight for our community and pursue justice; check out this month's status update from our CEO Joe Hollendoner.
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San Francisco community comes out in force to talk about Trump & how to be an activist

Three days after President Trump’s inauguration, about 150 community members packed the event space at Strut for a panel discussion about the Trump administration and its potential impact on the LGBTQ community, people living with HIV, immigrants to our country, and more.
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Meet Tracy Evans

San Francisco AIDS Foundation & AIDS LifeCycle welcome Tracy Evans to the Love Bubble!
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dreaam team logo

DREAAM's Top 10 PrEP Tips

Check out these proven tips from the DREAAM team duo Terrance & Tony on how they cut through the noise with info for the community about PrEP.
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women march on the streets

READY TO FIGHT BACK? So is our Policy Team!

Get an update from our local, state and federal policy team to find out how they're fighting back--and how you can get involved.
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Joe Quote v2

A New Year message from our CEO

San Francisco AIDS Foundation CEO, Joe Hollendoner, provides a message for the New Year.
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large thumbnail syringe clean-up

Getting syringes off the street in San Francisco

On a chilly Wednesday in November, San Francisco AIDS Foundation staff, and other community partners, gathered at the Harm Reduction Center for a syringe clean-up event.
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SFAF Holiday Schedule

San Francisco AIDS Foundation Holiday Schedule

Beginning Friday, December 23rd, San Francisco AIDS Foundation will be open on a reduced operating schedule. Click here to find out our updated hours.
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year-in-review collage

San Francisco AIDS Foundation Year-in-Review

2016 certainly has been a momentous year for the City, the State, and the country. Take some time to reflect back on everything the San Francisco AIDS Foundation accomplished this year.
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Open Enrollment Thumbnail

Open Enrollment is Here!

Open enrollment for Covered California is now open through January 31, 2017. Find out everything you need to know and resources you can turn to as you prepare to enroll.
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Election Recap 2016 Thumbnail

Election 2016 Recap

San Francisco AIDS Foundation endorsed several state and local ballot measures. Find out how which ones passed and which ones didn’t and how they will impact our community.
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SSR Thumbnail

Santa Skivvies Run Returns December 11

Since 2009, nearly 2,000 people have dropped trou and raised funds to fight HIV. Find out the impact the fun run has had and don’t forget to register today!
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Cheers, Queers! Drag queens, DJs and bartenders featured in foundation safer drinking campaign

This fall, the foundation launched a safer drinking campaign to advertise free counseling services in collaboration with local drag queens, DJs and other nightlife celebrities.
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Find out how Strut is leading the way in delivering sex positive services in the Castro

Find out how Strut is leading the way in delivering holistic, sex positive services in the Castro.
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San Francisco AIDS Foundation brings AIDS awareness and education to Dreamforce

Last week, global leaders in the fight against HIV gathered in San Francisco to talk about where we are—and what more we have to do—to end HIV transmission and illness from HIV and AIDS everywhere at the annual Dreamforce conference.
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Our volunteers prevent new HIV and hep C infections

A dedicated team of satellite syringe exchange volunteers reach people who live in homeless encampments, SROs, and on the street who use drugs.
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Free legal help by ALRP

ALRP now provides drop-in legal services for clients at San Francisco AIDS Foundation and Strut twice a month.
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Daniel Driffin gives voice to young, gay Black men living with HIV in the U.S.

Daniel Driffin, a young gay Black man living with HIV, made history at the Democratic National Convention last month.
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Why is there a Pakistani artist at Strut?

Mohsin Shafi explores repression and censorship in his compositions now on display at Strut.
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The Colorful Crew of Rest Stop 4

Greg Sroda, senior director of AIDS/LifeCycle, looks back at his time as Captain of this zany, creative crew.
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Innovation at The Stonewall Project

To meet the ever-changing needs of our clients who use drugs and alcohol, The Stonewall Project continually re-thinks the groups and services offered. See for yourself what changes we’ve recently made.
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Mobile Testing Team Rolling into Unexpected Spaces

The mobile testing team is bringing HIV and STD testing to cruising locations, gyms and other unexpected spaces.
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AIDS/LifeCycle 2016 a Smashing Success

AIDS/LifeCycle raised over $16.1 million to support San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the HIV-related services of the Los Angeles LGBT Center.
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Black Brothers Esteem Celebrates 20 Years

For two decades, this San Francisco AIDS Foundation program has provided our Black community with support and care.
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Michael Bryce

Coming out as HIV-positive at work

Part of supporting AIDS/LifeCycle involved Michael Bryce revealing his status to coworkers—with surprising results.
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Meet Joe Hollendoner: New San Francisco AIDS Foundation CEO

Joe Hollendoner brings an impressive history of leadership in LGBTQ health, systems-level public health planning and HIV prevention services to the foundation.
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Passionate about Providing Quality HIV Care: Meet Dr. Joanna Eveland

Dr. Eveland has devoted her career to helping long-term survivors live healthier lives but says she has a lot to learn from people who lived through the early days of the epidemic.
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How To Have Great Sex Without Drugs

Every week at Strut, the Sex & Dating Book Club dives deep into discussions about drugs, relationships and getting in on in San Francisco.
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A straight man speaks up for HIV awareness

Joshua Middleton has been named one of HIVPlusMag’s “16 HIV Advocates to Watch” for his HIV education and advocacy work.
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Join our Club for fun and philanthropy

Find out from First City Council co-chair Mike Gregg what makes this committee so special.
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Getting Syringes Off the Street

Community members, staff and volunteers picked up syringes left behind to make our community safer & cleaner.
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Saved by a 10-pound Yorkshire terrier

Dr. Robert Garofalo fell into a dark place after being diagnosed with HIV. A new puppy, Fred, brought peace, joy and inspired him to help other people in need.
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Juanita MORE! Whets Our Appetite

Read why she’s excited to be a Dining Out for Life ambassador on April 26 and what you can do to participate.
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Meet Ace

Ace Robinson’s work in HIV has spanned the globe—and his expertise now comes to San Francisco through his new role.
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Strut, now open, welcomes the community

The new home for health & wellness in the Castro opened with a ribbon cutting event on January 5. Read what community members had to say.
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Dining Out For Life 2018

Sergio Lopez shares his experience of being a Dining Out for Life ambassador. The event is on April 24 this year.
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Dining Out For Life 2016

Sergio Lopez shares his experience of being a Dining Out for Life ambassador. The event is on April 26 this year.
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New Leadership

Find out why Tim Jones is excited to join the foundation as our interim CEO.
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Compassion, Tenacity & Creativity

Manuel Vasquez and Marco Partida are hitting the streets in San Francisco to find people with HIV who are not in care.
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Running for Charity

Steven Bracco is the reigning champ of Santa Skivvies Run. Find out what he loves about this event and why he’s raised more than $19,000 for HIV prevention and care services.
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Finding New Ways to Deliver PrEP

Quarraisha Abdool Karim’s research put microbicide HIV prevention therapies on the map. Read how her contributions help young women take control of their sexual health.
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Meet Brandyn

A transgender health advocate helping other trans men celebrate their sexuality.
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Introducing: Strut

Find out more about how our new center for health and wellness in the Castro will build a healthier community.
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Focus on PrEP & Early ART: Highlights from IAS 2015

Our report from the International AIDS Society Conference, where the medical community revealed the latest findings in HIV prevention and care.
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rental relief

San Francisco AIDS Foundation Housing & Benefits

Stable housing makes it easier for people to stabilize their health. Our housing and benefits team helps clients access available rental subsidy programs.
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Pierre Cedric Crouch

The Status of Our PrEP Program

Since mid-November last year, hundreds of clients have started PrEP to prevent HIV. Pierre-Cédric Crouch, Magnet’s director of nursing, reveals how this fledgling program is meeting the growing demand for PrEP in San Francisco.
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Sister Mae Joy

maeJoy B. withU: A Sister of Perpetual Indulgence

Sister maeJoy B. withU shares how the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence combat stigma, spread happiness and serve their community with humor, compassion and oodles of style.
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Real Talk: Is Dating Dead? Finding Connection in the Age of Apps

Finding connection—whether that means dating, hooking up or starting a relationship—can be tricky. San Francisco community members shared their experiences at a recent event.
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A Former HIV Counselor Rediscovers Hope on AIDS/LifeCycle

A chance encounter during last year's AIDS/LifeCycle left Tanner Reive speechless. After giving up hope for the end of AIDS, this twist of fate changed everything.
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Syringes & Small Talk: Ins and Outs of Sixth Street Needle Exchange

People who inject drugs are vulnerable to skin abscesses and infectious diseases like HIV and hepatitis C. At our location on Sixth Street, they find what they need to keep themselves safe.
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Mr. LA Leather: PrEP is a Shared Responsibility

Eric Leue, director of sexual health and advocacy at and Mr. L.A. Leather 2014, is using his notoriety to spread awareness about PrEP. He’s hosted 35 panel discussions across the U.S. and Canada, representing the unique perspectives of the porn and leather communities.
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Finding Sex, Love & Connection in the Age of Apps

Over 80% of respondents to an online survey by a gay dating site say they have sent a dick pic to another dating or hookup app user. Is this surprising, or par for the course when looking for love, lust and connection?
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Building Friendships & A Better San Francisco

Bridgemen brings gay, bi and trans men together for community service and social events. We sat down with program manager Jared Hemming to find out more about the group, the guys, and how to get involved.
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T.J. Lee is a Positive Force: Hope through Knowledge, Support & Connection

Positive Force program manager T.J. Lee ensures clients get the support, information and services they need—no matter who they are or where they’re coming from.
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Help Your Community by Hosting a Fun Night Out

Dining Out For Life—an event to raise awareness and support for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care—will be held on April 28th. Want to join the fun by being an ambassador? Long-time ambassador Emer Braddock answered our questions about what it takes and what makes it so worthwhile.
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Mobile Testing RV

New Mobile Testing Unit Rolls Out in San Francisco

Look out for our new testing RV now bringing testing services to a neighborhood near you. See pics of the new van, and learn how it’ll be able to serve even more clients with an expanded menu of services.
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Rick Andrews

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Rick

With empathy and understanding, Rick supports speed users who want to change or reduce their drug use. Read about how his unique expertise in holistic health, yoga, and self-care—in addition to harm reduction tactics—helps clients of the Positive Reinforcement Opportunity Project take better care of themselves.
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Nina Grossman

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Nina

After making a change in her drug use, Nina devoted her life to making sure that people who inject drugs have a voice—and a reliable way to access resources like sterile syringes. Read about her groundbreaking work with the San Francisco Police Department which made needle exchange an accepted way to combat new infections.
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Chip Supanich

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Chip

Chip doesn’t dwell on the hard times he’s faced—homelessness, IV drug use, and an AIDS diagnosis. Instead, his gratitude for what he’s been given in life motivates him to give back. See how he serves other long-term survivors, people who inject drugs, and people with disabilities in San Francisco.
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A Call for San Francisco to End HIV Transmission

What else can our city do to stop the spread of HIV? Dr. Robert Grant, MD, MPH shares why we must increase awareness and access to highly effective prevention tools like PrEP.
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Founder Bares All: The Skinny on Santa Skivvies Run

Chris Hastings, owner of Lookout, answered our questions about the annual holiday tradition he started, new features of this year’s December 6 event, and how the funds raised will be used to stop HIV transmission.
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Real Talk Recap: Can You Party Smart? Let’s Talk Booze

San Francisco community members gathered for a Real Talk forum on alcohol use on November 4. Find out what they think about why they drink, the gay bar scene, when alcohol use is a problem, and what to do about it.
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Heroes in the Fight: Meet Cleve

Cleve Jones was center stage in the early days of the HIV/AIDS movement. Read how his efforts at the start of the epidemic endure today through the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt and his thoughts on the movement then and now.
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Over the influence of drug and alcohol use

Find out how a weekly book club held helps support clients who wish to address their substance use.
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Cecilia Chung

Cecilia Chung: Civil Rights Advocate for the Transgender Community

San Francisco’s leading advocate for the transgender community speaks about how far we have come in ensuring equity for trans men & women—and the work we still have to do.
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Hiroyu Hatano

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Hiroyu

Dr. Hiroyu Hatano developed an innovative HIV treatment program using the latest in HIV cure research. Learn more about how it’s improving people’s health now, and best prepares them for a future when a cure for HIV exists.
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Vince Crisostomo

What's New with 50-Plus?

Find out how the 50-Plus Network team is promoting social, physical, and mental health for gay, bi, and trans men over 50 in San Francisco, and how you can get involved!
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Shannon Weber

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Shannon

Whether she’s hanging street art on a fence at midnight, helping mixed-HIV-status couples start families, or running a 24-hour hotline for docs who treat HIV-positive women, Shannon Weber is on a mission to change the world. See how she’s putting science, spray paint, and superhero capes to work in the fight to end HIV/AIDS.
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AIDS 2014

What's New in HIV Prevention?

Does PrEP need to be taken daily? Can couples counseling help prevent HIV? What else is new in HIV prevention science—and what’s the community pulse? Get all the HIV prevention highlights from the 20th International AIDS Conference.
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AIDS 2014 Conference

AIDS 2014

Delegates from San Francisco AIDS Foundation will have a strong presence abroad at this major scientific and community meeting. Their contributions to this premiere gathering of top thought leaders in the HIV field will include poster presentations, two late-breaker sessions and an affiliated independent event.
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Peter Staley

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Peter

Peter Staley never meant to become an activist—but be glad he did. See how early AIDS activists like him drove scientists to develop life-saving HIV/AIDS drugs, streamlined clinical trials and drug approvals to get new treatments to the sick and dying, and changed the doctor-patient dynamic for good.
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Better HIV Prevention for All

How can we make the most of today’s HIV prevention tools and bring down stubborn infection rates across the country—especially among those at greatest risk? See how the just-released Atlanta Principles point the way forward.
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Pregnancy test

HIV prevention for moms-to-be

Poppy Hillsborough entered SF General with babies on her mind. See how PrEP and other new prevention tools are helping women like her start families with their HIV-positive partners.
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Everett Holden

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Everett

Everett Holden’s work is all about making connections—between guys and their communities, their doctors, and their peers: “When people feel connected, they are more likely to make healthier decisions.” See how his work with Bridgemen is changing lives—and what he loves about his job.
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Eugenie Marek

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Eugenie

Fresh from nursing school in the early 1980s, Eugenie Marek didn’t expect her first job to be in the middle of San Francisco’s AIDS epidemic. Three decades later, see how she says AIDS changed medical care for good—and how it shaped the work she does today.
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U.S. Capitol Building

AIDSWatch 2014

AIDSWatch harnesses the power of real-life stories to shape HIV/AIDS policy. What happens when 400 people living with or affected by HIV tell their stories on Capitol Hill?
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Test tubes

Cure Research: Separating Hope from Hype

What’s really happening in HIV cure research—and what’s just hype? How close are we to finding a cure? What will a cure look like, and how do we know when a person is "cured"? And with today’s better HIV meds, why do we need a cure anyway?
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Fighting HIV, One Plate at a Time

On Tuesday, April 22, nearly 100 restaurants will donate a portion of their proceeds to support the work of San Francisco AIDS Foundation. We asked three restaurateurs to dish on their favorite menu items, who inspires them, and why they are so committed to the cause.
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Man and doctor

Make the Most of Your Medical Care

How can you keep up with appointments and boost communication with your doc (or find a new one)? There’s something for everyone in our tips and strategies for getting more from your medical care.
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PrEP video

Video: Understanding PrEP

What is PrEP, and what does it mean for our community? Our new video gives you the facts and busts three myths about this HIV prevention tool.
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Kurt Schade

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Kurt

See how AIDS/LifeCycle changed Kurt's life—and how he's helping new riders change theirs. Read his inspiring story, and learn how you can join Kurt this June!
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Baby shoes

Closer to a Cure

What do two infants born with HIV and now testing negative have to teach us about curing HIV? See the latest science in the quest for a cure.
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Laura Durakovich

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Laura

Laura Durakovich is hosting a night of good food and good fun, for a great cause—and you’re invited! See why she says Dining Out for Life is a way anyone can fight HIV in our community, one appetizer at a time.
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African-American couple

African-Americans and HIV: Tools for Your Health

Across the country, African-Americans are the racial/ethnic group hardest hit by HIV/AIDS. Use these tools and resources for your health and your community.
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Bobby Fisher

Can You Train Your Brain? A Q&A

An unusual partnership is helping our clients “train” their brains to cope with memory and mood problems—and live fuller, happier lives.
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Ernest Hopkins

HIV and the California State Budget: An Expert Q&A

What’s at stake for Californians with HIV in the proposed state budget? Get Ernest Hopkins’s expert analysis, and learn what’s next for HIV health advocates.
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2014 clock

Happy New Year!

Get 2014 off to a great start with three healthy resolutions—and the resources to stick with them, all year long.
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“Raw Sex”—Are the Rules Changing?

Hear how our community answered this question at a public forum on sex and 21st-century HIV prevention.
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Man sneezing

Fight the Flu

Looking for ways to avoid the flu? Wondering if your stuffy nose and cough point to flu or just a bad cold? Want to know what to do if you get sick? Find resources for your health this flu season.
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Diane Havlir

Heroes in the Fight: Dr. Diane Havlir

Fresh out of med school, Dr. Diane Havlir found herself at the heart of San Francisco’s HIV epidemic three decades ago. See how she pioneered life-saving treatments and strategies to end AIDS—and what inspires her to keep up the fight today.
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Undetectable viral load

Understanding "Undetectable"

What does undetectable viral load mean for HIV health—and how does it help prevent HIV transmission? Watch this video and find out!
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Tez Anderson

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Tez

Tez Anderson didn’t expect to see his 28th birthday, let alone reach midlife. “I was really well prepared to die,” he recalls. “It’s just, I didn’t really plan to live.” See how Tez found a new purpose, and how he’s helping long-term survivors build a future they never imagined.
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AIDS Generation forum panel

Perspectives from the AIDS Generation

What is the AIDS Generation’s legacy—and what do we need going forward? See how activists, care providers, and others in our community answered these questions at our Real Talk public forum.
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Jorge Zepeda

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Jorge

At Latino Programs, people find more than health resources and support groups: They find respect. “Everybody is welcome as equals,” says manager Jorge Zepeda. See how his work builds a healthier Latino community—and what he loves most about his job.
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Dropper and test tubes

Closing in on a Cure?

What’s looking hopeful—and what’s just hype—in the quest to cure HIV? And what do researchers and advocates envision in their wildest dreams for a cure?
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Jeff Leiphart

Gay Men Moving Forward: A Q&A with Dr. Jeff Leiphart

Get a personal perspective on the AIDS Generation’s legacy—and join our public forum to help shape the community's future.
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Courtney Mulhern-Pearson

What's Changing? Get Ready for Health Care Reform

The countdown is on: Enrollment in new health insurance plans starts October 1. Are you ready? Our resident policy wonk gets you up to speed on health care reform and the changes ahead.
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Staying Well, Aging Well: Meet Stokes

See how Stokes transformed his life and is aging well with HIV—and how his wisdom and experience are shaping our new 50-Plus Network for gay and bi men.
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Lisa Porter

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Lisa

For Lisa Anne Porter, riding 545 miles from San Francisco to L.A. is a way to honor her father—and to fight the disease that took his life: “I’m raising money so that somebody else gets another day with their dad.”
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Blood donation

Take Action, Save Lives

Every day, our nation’s blood supply suffers when healthy, willing blood donors are turned away—just because they are gay. Sign our petition to end the outdated, discriminatory ban on blood donations from gay men.
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John David

Heroes in the Fight: Meet John

When John helps transform an unused deck into a garden oasis, a community of people with HIV gains a place for their health and well-being to blossom. See how John makes San Francisco a better place, one bloom at a time.
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Cost of medicine

Dollars and Drugs

What makes the newest HIV drug a promising new treatment option—and what do drug pricing advocates have to say about its cost?
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Jesus Moreno

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Jesus

Housing is essential to good health—and it’s a major unmet need for people with HIV. That’s where Jesus Moreno steps in. See how his work helps our clients pay the rent and get their health needs met.
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Bing Wu

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Bing

National HIV Testing Day aims to help more people know their status. So does Bing Wu. After a 9-to-5 workday, he pulls evening shifts at Magnet as a volunteer HIV test counselor. See what Bing brings to the fight against HIV/AIDS—and how that fight has changed him.
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marriage equality

How Marriage Equality Fights HIV

The fight to legalize gay marriage is about more than just equal rights—studies show it’s essential to ending the HIV epidemic. As one researcher puts it, “intolerance is deadly.” See what's at stake in the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality.
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Mobile testing van

Follow That Van!

The mobile HIV testing van has arrived…on Twitter! The launch of @testmeSF marks National HIV Testing Day and helps more people in our community connect with the HIV testing and sexual health services they need.
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Stonewall anniversary

The Stonewall Project: Fifteen Years of Serving Our Community

What do gay, bi, and trans men find at the Stonewall Project? A safe and welcoming place to address their drug and alcohol use and set their own goals for their health and well-being. In this milestone year, see how the program began—and where it's headed.
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Jonathan Garcia

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day: Meet Jonathan

The quest for an HIV vaccine continues, thanks to countless volunteers and scientists working behind the scenes to make it happen. Meet one of them.
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Marie and Richie

Heroes in the Fight: Meet Marie and Richie

For Marie Crinnion and Richie McAllister, AIDS Walk San Francisco is deeply personal way to help end HIV/AIDS in our community. See why they walk.
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Representative Barbara Lee

REPEAL Act: Modernizing HIV Laws

HIV-specific laws are on the books in 32 states and two federal territories—including 13 states that make spitting or biting a felony for people with HIV, even though saliva does not transmit the virus. See how a bipartisan bill aims to change that.
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What to Know About Syphilis

Syphilis is on the rise among gay men, particularly those living with HIV. Find out how to avoid this treatable infection—and what to do next if you’ve been exposed. We have expert advice from Magnet's Nurse Tim.
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The Facts About Bacterial Meningitis

With recent cases of bacterial meningitis among gay men making headlines, Magnet Medical Director Chris Hall, MD, gives us an update on the latest facts and what guys in our community need to know to stay healthy.
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Todd Nunn

Meet Todd

Todd Nunn is cycling from San Francisco to L.A. to honor his mother's memory—and to fight the disease that took her life. See how his job as a police officer gives him a unique perspective on AIDS/LifeCycle.
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Seasonal Allergies

Springtime Allergies

Spring is here—and so are the sneezing, runny nose, and itchy, watery eyes brought on by seasonal allergies. Get a pharmacist’s tips for fighting back.
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Positive Force staff

14 Years of Positive Force

Designed by and for HIV-positive gay, bisexual, and transgender men, Positive Force blends peer support, education, and community connection into its services—and offers a friendly ear to men newly dealing with HIV: “For lots of guys, we are the first people they talk to about their new diagnosis.”
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Terry Morris

Meet Terry

Something amazing happens every Wednesday at 117 Sixth Street. It’s changing lives week by week, and it all happens because of Terry Morris and her team of volunteers.
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Mike Discepola

What is "Harm Reduction"?

Here in San Francisco, and across the U.S. and around the globe, alcohol and other drug use fuels the HIV epidemic. Michael Discepola, director of the Stonewall Project, explains how we’re doing something about it—and going about it in a unique way that offers dignity and creates results for our clients.
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Honoring African-Americans Lost to AIDS

The AIDS Memorial Quilt stretches more than 50 miles. But as of last year, only about half a mile of the quilt represented African-Americans who’ve been lost to HIV/AIDS. That’s now changing, thanks to members of the Black Brothers Esteem program at San Francisco AIDS Foundation.
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The Promise of Equality

"Only when we achieve full equality and inclusion of everyone, as President Obama so boldly envisioned in his inauguration address, will we truly end the AIDS epidemic as we’ve known it among African-Americans in the United States."
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California Budget Proposal

Governor Jerry Brown has released his 2013-14 state budget proposal. San Francisco AIDS Foundation's director of state and local affairs explains what it means for people living with HIV.
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How to Survive a Plague 250x150

How to Survive a Plague

The acclaimed documentary “How to Survive a Plague” tells the story of the emergence of the activist group ACT UP in New York City. Peter Staley is one of the activists central to the film. He shares his thoughts on early AIDS activism, what we should be focusing on today, what he's most proud of, and who inspires him.
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Cliff Notes

With the election behind us, all eyes are on Washington as lawmakers face the looming “fiscal cliff.” It’s making big headlines, but what does it mean for people living with HIV and what can we do about it? We pose those questions to Ernest Hopkins, director of legislative affairs at San Francisco AIDS Foundation.
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Show Your Pride: Create an Avatar!

There are many ways to be gay. No matter what you're into, get an HIV test every six months. Show your pride and your commitment to health by creating an avatar and sharing it through your social networks. It's fun and easy, and your avatar will direct you to the nearest testing location!
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A History of Delivering News and Hope

In the early years of the AIDS epidemic, San Francisco AIDS Foundation felt the urgent need to inform the community about emerging treatments for HIV/AIDS. So in June 1988, we published the very first issue of the Bulletin for Experimental Treatments for AIDS, or BETA. Ever since, it has been the go-to resource for reliable and credible information about HIV/AIDS medicines.
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Linking Our Clients to Care

Positive Force is a one-of-a-kind program in San Francisco. It is committed to building a strong, connected poz men’s community. It provides support to link guys to care to improve their health and wellbeing. See what happened when one client came to us in urgent need of help.
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Magnet Marks Nine Years of Service

Magnet, our gay men’s health center in the Castro, celebrates its ninth birthday this year. In the span of just nine years, Magnet has become an essential resource for thousands of gay and bisexual men in our community to maintain good health. Magnet Director Steve Gibson talks about how Magnet started, what it offers today, and his vision for the future.
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Turning the Tide

This year's International AIDS Conference was an important moment to examine where we stand in the fight against HIV and what we must do to create the AIDS-free generation that President Obama so boldly envisions. We can turn the tide on the epidemic. Here's how.
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The Call: Honoring 30 Years of Service

This September 29, the curtain rises on an entirely new event in San Francisco. The Call pays tribute to San Francisco AIDS Foundation’s 30 years of service to our community in the fight against HIV/AIDS. CEO Neil Giuliano talks about the event, and why it’s an experience no one should miss.
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We Want You: Create an Army of Avatars!

Whether you’re HIV negative or HIV positive, San Francisco AIDS Foundation has created a unique way to find a place to get an HIV test or receive screenings for other STIs, and encourage all your friends to get tested as well. Visit, and create an avatar.
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A History of Reaching Out

AIDS was first reported in 1981. It took researchers nearly two years to determine how it spread. As soon as they did, the foundation mobilized to distribute thousands of free condoms in our community. We’ve never stopped doing everything it takes to stop HIV/AIDS.
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Marriage Equality and HIV

President Obama has declared that he supports same-sex marriage, becoming the first sitting U.S. president to take such a position. Mr. Obama's actions are not only important to matters of equality, they are also vital to our work in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
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Leibovitz images

Ad Campaigns that Saved Lives

As the foundation reflects on its 30 years of fighting HIV, we look at some of the bold and innovative public health campaigns we've used throughout our history to educate our community, change the course of the epidemic, and save lives.
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HIV and the fate of the Affordable Care Act

During the Supreme Court's extended hearings on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, one angle that hasn't been getting much media attention is the unique role that HIV-related health care could play in the court's final ruling on one of President Obama's signature legislative achievements.
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hiv alcohol 250x150

Alcohol & HIV: Improve Health, Reduce Risk

Whether we drink frequently, abstain altogether, or are somewhere in between, alcohol use impacts all of us. Learn more about the intersection of alcohol, HIV risk, and HIV health.
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needle exchange 250x150

History of Needle Exchange

Throughout the history of HIV/AIDS, there are many bold acts of courage that forever changed the course of the epidemic. Needle exchange in San Francisco is certainly at the top of the list.
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ten moments

10 Moments that Changed History

For the past 30 years, San Francisco AIDS Foundation has been at the forefront of the fight against HIV/AIDS. Our efforts have changed history over the course of the epidemic. See 10 moments that created a lasting impact.
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ad slideshow large thumbnail

Ad Campaigns that Saved Lives

As the foundation reflects on its 30 years of fighting HIV, we look at some of the bold and innovative public health campaigns we've used throuthout our history to educate our community, change the course of the epidemic, and save lives.
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Inflammation, Immune Activation, and HIV

Inflammation is a broad term for what happens in the body when the immune system is activated to counter a threat. A healthy immune response is key to good health, but ongoing immune activation and inflammation due to a persistent threat such as chronic HIV infection can lead to many different problems throughout the body.

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See more from the Winter 2010 issue of BETA

Making the Most of Your Medical Visits

When you go to see your medical provider, do you sometimes leave frustrated or confused, with unanswered questions? Does your medical provider spend too much time on blood tests and labwork, and not enough time listening to your concerns? Do you feel rushed and unable to discuss what is really going on with your health?

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See more from the Winter 2009 issue of BETA

HIV & The Brain

Recent conferences and journal articles reveal an increased emphasis on the effects of HIV on the brain, part of a larger shift of focus from classic AIDS-related illnesses to long-term progressive conditions in an aging population that are related to HIV and its treatment in ways that are not yet fully understood.

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See more from the Summer 2009 issue of BETA

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