BETA Fall/Winter 2011

In this issue, clinical pharmacist Jennifer Cocohoba tells you what you need to know about HIV medication side effects—and how to prevent or manage them—and Liz Highleyman explains what’s new in treatment for people with HIV and hepatitis C. Our News Briefs, Drug Watch, and Aging & HIV columns offer more news, views, and resources for staying healthy with HIV.

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Making Sense of Side Effects

“Thinking about HIV medicine side effects is very scary,” says Geri, who is HIV positive. But, she adds, “That’s the thing about taking HIV medicines. Even if they might cause side effects, they are helping me live with the virus.” Learn how to avoid or manage side effects from anti-HIV treatment and get the most from your meds. Read more...

HIV/HCV Coinfection: A New Era of Treatment

Roughly one-third of people living with HIV also have hepatitis C virus. This life-threatening liver disease is transmitted most often through blood-to-blood contact; cases are also appearing, new research shows, among sexually active gay men with HIV. New drugs and strategies are revolutionizing hepatitis C treatment. Read more...

Aging & HIV: A Conversation with Dr. Glenn Treisman

What do aging, HIV, and mental health have to do with one another? Quite a lot, according to Glenn Treisman, MD, director of the AIDS Psychiatry Service at Johns Hopkins Hospital and a professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Read more...

News Briefs

When to start ART, Stopping inactive NRTIS, PrEP and many more topics from recent HIV-related conferences, medical journals and other sources. Read more...

Drug Watch: Rilpivirine and Complera: New First-Line Treatment Options

Two antiretroviral medicines recently came on the scene for people starting HIV treatment for the first time: Rilpivirine (brand name Edurant) won marketing approval in May, and the following August saw approval of Complera, a single-pill once-daily regimen that joins rilpivirine with two other drugs. This article explains the science behind rilpivirine and Complera and how these drugs measure up to the commonly prescribed efavirenz (Sustiva) and Atripla. Read more...

Open Clinical Trials

A selection of currently enrolling clini­cal trials of treatments for HIV and AIDS-related conditions. Read more...

HAART Chart - Approved Antiretroviral Drugs


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