Santa Skivvies Run

guy santa and gal santaOne of San Francisco’s most festive holiday events will brighten up the Castro district on Sunday, December 16. Men and women from all walks of life will don boxers, briefs, and bras to raise money for San Francisco AIDS Foundation in the fourth annual Santa Skivvies Run. We sat down with event director Robin Easterbrook to find out what makes this event so special, and what’s new this year!

For people who’ve never gone to the Santa Skivvies Run, describe it for us?
It truly is an only-in-San Francisco kind of event. It’s an amazing collection of people from all walks of life who gather together to run through the streets of the Castro neighborhood in their skivvies to support a very worthy cause. For those who are a little more modest, underwear is not required—we have a lot of people who dress up as elves, Santas, reindeer, or whatever costume they chose. The word that best describes the event for me is “joy.” Everyone is just so happy and joyful. They’re thrilled to be a part of this amazing event!

Not only is this a fun event, it has a purpose.
Yes, it does. The event supports the foundation’s free, local HIV prevention and care services that benefit thousands of clients annually, especially in hard-hit neighborhoods like the Castro. We rely on events like the Santa Skivvies run to keep our programs strong and stable so that people can rely on San Francisco AIDS Foundation to be there when they need it.

Tell us about the route.
The run begins and ends at Lookout (3600 16th Street), which is the official host of the Santa Skivvies Run for the fourth consecutive year!  (We love Lookout!) The route winds its way through the Castro. This year, we will have drag queens leading the way on Segway scooters. I can’t wait to see that!

drag queen with a bullhornAnd you’ve added something new this year?
Yes, it’s very exciting. This year we will be blocking off Noe Street, between Market and Beaver Streets, to create our first-ever Santa Skivvies Village. It will be set up right outside Lookout and will include a stage for performances by our drag hosts as well as a few surprises for the runners.

Tell us about fundraising. It’s easy, right?
We make it very easy for participants to raise funds to support the foundation. Fundraising for the Santa Skivvies Run is optional, but participants are encouraged to create a fundraising goal. We provide online tools and great incentives to help each participant meet and exceed their goal. Last year our dedicated runners raised more than $30,000.

How much does it cost to participate?
Registration is $35, and all runners receive a Santa hat as a registration gift. Participants can register the day of the event, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Lookout.

joyful running santasIt sounds like you have one of the best jobs in the world…
I love my job. I mean, I get to see people running around in their underwear! More than anything, it’s just so rewarding to see people coming out in such a bold way to support San Francisco AIDS Foundation. We have the most loyal supporters in the world and I’m always so proud of all of our participants. I would encourage anyone thinking about taking part in the Santa Skivvies Run to join us. You’ll have a blast!

To register or learn about volunteering opportunities, visit

To see more photos from last year, check out Santa Skivvies Run on Facebook.

Are you on board? Were you Santa last year? Let us know in the comments below...


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