Site Schedule

The San Francisco city-wide syringe access schedule is below. The schedule includes services offered by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation's Syringe Access Services (SAS) Program and by our wonderful partners and comrades in harm reduction, the Homeless Youth Alliance, SF Drug Users' Union, Glide's Harm Reduction Program, the St. James Infirmary. We look forward to meeting you!

Syringe Access Collaborative San Francisco Schedule

Download the Syringe Access Collaborative San Francisco Schedule (PDF last updated Jan. 2018)



All syringe access service sites offer supplies and services to enable people to: 

  • Use a sterile needle and syringe for each injection to reduce transmission of HIV, Hepatitis C (HCV), Hepatitis B (HBV), and other pathogens. 
  • Avoid bacterial infections, vein damage, abscesses, lumps, bumps, and misses through the use of alcohol swabs, acidifiers, tourniquets, filters, cookers, sterile saline and water in the quantity desired by the service user. Want to talk vein care and safer injecting? Our staff would love to. Check out the resource page at for vein charts and information. 
  • Safely dispose of used syringes and equipment to keep SF's streets and residents safe.  All San Francisco syringe access programs offer free sharps containers in any amount needed, free tongs and gloves, and safety training for folks who may do returns for friends or help with community cleanup sweeps.  Any community member who wants to help keep our city streets syringe free can drop off used syringes and full sharps containers for safe disposal. 
  • Save their friends' lives and prevent accidental overdose deaths. Overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. In partnership with the Harm Reduction Coalition's DOPE Project, our syringe access programs train people at risk of overdose, their friends and families how to respond to overdose and administer narcan.   
  • Link up to medical care, testing and treatment for HIV and Hepatitis C, harm reduction counseling and drug treatment services, methadone and suboxone providers, mental health counseling, drug user-friendly medical care, food and housing resources, and other health & social services.
  • The 6th Street Harm Reduction Center offers harm reduction lounge hours, individual and group counseling for folks who use opiates through collaboration with the Harm Reduction Therapy Center, groups for folks who inject, Hepatitis C education and treatment groups, HIV and Hepatitis C testing and linkage to care, vein care and safer injection help, walk in welcoming medical care, and programming to support people who inject drugs who would like treatment for Hepatitis C. The Hep C Wellness Program offers help getting connected with healthcare, transportation, getting an ID, groups, social activities, and more to make it through 8-12 weeks of treatment. There is a cure for Hepatitis C and we want to help people succeed making it to the doctor and taking their medication. 


6th Street Harm Reduction Center Services

117 Sixth Street near Mission [map]

Groups + Harm Reduction Lounge

Monday 4pm: Harm Reduction Drop-in Group with Pauli.
Tuesday 10am–12:30pm: Harm Reduction Lounge: relax and be in good company.
Tuesday 1pm–2:30pm: Stonewall Harm Reduction Group for gay/bi men.
Wednesday 10am–11am: Wednesday Morning Wake Up Group for folks who inject. 9:30am + breakfast!
Wednesday 12pm-1pm: Hepatitis C Luncheon Group for folks enrolled in the Hep C Wellness Program.
Thursday 10am–11am: Opiate Harm Reduction Group with the Harm Reduction Therapy Center welcoming folks who use heroin + other opiates.
Thursday 11:30am–2pm: Drop in ½ hour counseling sessions for folks who use opiates with Harm Reduction Therapy Center. 
Thursday 11:30am–2pm: Harm Reduction Lounge – relax and be in good company.
Friday 11am–1pm: Harm Reduction Lounge – relax and be in good company.
Saturday 7pm–10:30pm: Movie Night at the 6th Street Harm Reduction Center.

Healthcare + Testing & Linkage Services for HIV & Hepatitis C

Free Confidential HIV and Hepatitis C Testing
Confidential, respectful, finger stick test. Results in 15 minutes.

Tuesday-Friday 11am–1pm: Testing with SFAF's team.
Thursday 1-5pm and Saturday 7pm–11pm: Testing with Glide's team.


Caring, nonjudgmental, drop-in health care.
Tuesday 10am–12pm

Hepatitis C Linkage to Care/Wellness Program

Living with Hepatitis C? Did you know there is a cure? We work with syringe access services and help people who inject drugs get connected to medical care for Hepatitis C and provide support over the 8-12 weeks of treatment. We offer help with transportation, ID assistance, appointment reminders, medical visit support, substance use counseling (harm reduction style), harm reduction supplies + groups, community support & incentives. Incentives support you to get treated.

Contact our Hepatitis C Wellness Coordinators to enroll:

Pauli Gray
(415) 487-8093

Andre Hall
(415) 487-8044

Or drop by the 6th Street Harm Reduction Center to enroll Tuesday-Friday, 11am–1pm. 117 6th Street @ Mission. [map]

All of the doctors our program works with are nonjudgmental about drug use and are committed to providing quality care to folks. There is no requirement to be sober. If you'd like to make adjustments to how drugs are fitting in your world to get ready for 8-12 weeks of treatment, we can connect you with harm reduction counseling. All goals (safer use, managed use, reduced use, planned use, abstinence, methadone, suboxone treatment) respected and supported.

Check out our Hepatitis C Wellness Program Groups

Wednesday 10am–11am: Morning Wake Up Group for folks who inject 9:30am + breakfast!
Wednesday 12pm-1pm: Hepatitis C Luncheon for people enrolled in the Hepatitis C Wellness Program.

PrEP, Sexual Health Education, and HIV Linkage Wellness Program

If you or a friend are HIV+ and not linked up with medical care, support, and benefits, we can help!

If you are interested in taking a daily medication that can prevent HIV infection, we can help! It's called PrEP! It works!

If you have questions about HIV, STDs, reproductive health, or sex, we can help!


If you are interested in volunteering, please go to our online registration form.

For questions about the program, please call (415) 241-5100 or email TMorris (at)