Alcohol/Drug Use

Are you interested in making changes to how you manage alcohol and/or drug use in your life? Are you looking to enroll in a structured program?

The Stonewall ProjectCall our Stonewall Project counselors at 415-487-3100. They'll talk to you and recommend the most effective way to connect with our programs.

Group and Individual Help

individual counseling roomWe host a variety of group meetings and walk-in sessions open to the public every week. See upcoming activities.

We are committed to the harm-reduction philosophy. You do not have to be clean and sober, or even want to be.

You will be invited to set your own goals at your own pace -- anything from complete abstinence to controlled (or safer) substance use to partial abstinence, based on your desire for change to improve your health, relationships, and your functioning in the world. Call us at 415-487-3100 to find out how we can help you.

The Speed Project

The Speed Project is by and for gay/bisexual/heteroflexible men who use speed. The website,, has resources specifically for people who want to better manage their speed use.

individual counseling

A website offering information, resources, and support to gay men about crystal meth and how it affects their physical, mental, sexual, and social health. Learn more at
Para información en Español :


The Positive Reinforcement Opportunity Project (PROP) supports gay men and other men who have sex with men who choose to stop using crystal meth. Participants visit the PROP site three times a week for three months. Each time they test non-reactive for stimulants they earn financial rewards. Learn more at

Clinical Internships

Are you looking for an internship position working with clients addressing substance use? Are you a post-masters or post-doctoral student? We are currently seeking applicants for clinical internship positions.